Laundry Room Cabinets Transformed


Thought you would like to see the latest project I tackled in my house. I hated my laundry room cabinets and wanted them to have more character. I's just my laundry room but...hey, as a mom, I spend a LOT of time in there!! I took a hammer to them and my family all came in there wondering if I had totally lost my mind. My husband is very use to me doing crazy things but he said this topped them all. He is so good to me and just said "I trust you" move forward. I continued with my hammering to give the cabinets a great distressed look. I then stained them with a rag technique and I'm very happy with them. I wanted them to look rustic/western. I'm going to get some fun hardware for the doors and my laundry room will now be a fun place to be.


This transformation took me about an hour and brought me much pleasure. Remember, sometimes it's the small things you change that can make a HUGE difference. Little by little you can transform your home, it just takes a bit of hard work and creativity. I'll warn you, this job is one where you MUST wear gloves. However, the stain eats the rubber so change them often. I learned the hard way and now need a manicure desperately!