Rugs as Headboards...Do you like?

I love the idea of a rug headboard.  Especially one as unique as this one above.
Just look at the colorful options that are available!  An Ethnic market is the perfect place to go for this kind of thing. 
Black painted inset as the backdrop and then the rug layered on top, hung on a rod.  How gorgeous is that.  I'd love to see a zebra rug done like this.  Not as crazy about the bedding, but love the headboard layering concept with a rug.
Great color combinations with the gray bedding and side tables
Black and red always make a huge statement.
2 runners hung together.  Very cool!
Custom made into a frame.  Don't like these two fabrics together but you get the concept.
Rug cut to the size you need.
Fun thing about using rugs is you can hang them vertically or horizontally depending on what size bed you are using.  The above is a nice "girly" touch.
If you hate your current headboard, this is a great way to cover it up and add some character and a colorful pop.
Why not create your own canvas rug headboard and write whatever you want on it.  You could even us a sheet for this and start it before you write your wording.
This isn't a rug but a painted canvas.  Very original idea and would be great for the artist!
A lot of texture is cool too. 
Why not make a large rug into a canopy bed.
Simply unique.
Again, the layered look.
Any rug or blanket can be made into a headboard professionally too.  A blanket may be less expensive than fabric by the yard.
Here are some of my favorite rugs that I'd like to see as behind a bed.
Wouldn't this be stunning?
Be still my heart!  This is an incredible rug filled with all my favorite colors.
(World Market)
So colorful.
(World Market)
Cute for girl headboards.
(World Market)
Hope this inspired you to be on the lookout for great rugs. The creative options are endless.
Ruthie's Tip:  Hang these rugs from nice drapery rods so they look tailored and finished.  Tacking them to the wall doesn't look classy and can cheapen the look.  The rods make it have a designer look.
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