Spanish Doors and Artwork!

I have a client that I've been working with that has been through so much over the last 6 months.  They had a flood in their home and have had to redo their entire home.  The whole culdesac they live on had to endure this painful process. She hired me to be the shoulder to lean on during this whole process of decision making from paint colors to floor selections. 
Today we did something fun.  We hung some beautiful works of art for her. 
I chose these Spanish Doors for their dining room.  We hung them on the wall as artwork and I'm in LOVE!!!   Don't you just love the bulky, chunky hardware on them? They have a very formal dining room and we wanted to relax it a bit.  I felt that these doors would add character, texture, conversation, loads of history and interest.  They are the first thing you lay eyes on when you enter their home.
They were imported from Spain and have SO much personality.  I knew they were the ones when I found them and sent a photo to my client right away for her approval!  YES, YES, YES was the answer.
This was the painting that WAS hung in their dining room originally.  It screams formality and it is dated.  They spent a fortune on the frame, however, my client disliked the painting because she had a few people comment that it looked like it belonged in their grandma's home.    My suggestion to her was to have a local artist create a new painting for us with loads of color with more of a modern feel.  I thought that marrying these two styles would bring it up to date and save my client lots of money. 
It definitely did!
Artist - Mary Howe with Divine Inspirations
We made sure it could be hung landscaped this time and I think it's perfect on the wall in their den.
Hope you are having a great week.  Mine got off to a great start!