Lolipops and gumballs anyone?

I found this picture in House Beautiful this month and showed it to my oldest daughter as an idea for her upcoming birthday party.  I'm in love with this cake and wonder how hard it would be to create?  It looks achievable.
She got really excited and is now all inspired to have a "candy" themed party for her 14th birthday. 
Sometimes all it takes is a vision like this photo to get your creative juices flowing.  I've set her loose now and she is having a blast figuring out what she will do for this theme!  That's the beauty of girls getting older, they can start planning their own parties and it is so much fun for them!
This would be a lovely theme for Valentines Day too.  Red and pink candy displayed all over the table (I've always loved red and pink together).  I think I may have to plan a party just so I can create something fun too.  I've always LOVED a good party!  The whole idea of a candy theme is so colorful and yummy all at the same time.
Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Beans - Oh my goodness, YUM!!!
Wouldn't these Carmel apples be fun to make? 
Or these....who doesn't like a few sprinkles?
Last year I got all inspired with gumballs around Valentines day too.  Go here to read my post.
Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Centerpiece
Design by DecRenew Interiors, Ruthie Staalsen
Look what one blogger did!  Brilliant!!  Way to go Deana!  This is adorable.  Paper lanterns wrapped in shrink wrap making the cutest candies ever!

Thank you House Beautiful for inspiring us!
 Let's just hope none of our teeth fall out!
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