Spring Fever Decorating

I've got spring fever and I'm going through my house and cleaning out and changing around like I do every year.  It's usually around my birthday that I start to get the feeling that I need a change.  I've moved some things from room to room and spruced some thing up a bit.  There is something about  open windows and sunshine that makes me feel like it's time for change.
I made a new spring wreath for my door with items I had in my "extra's" bin for floral arrangements.  I love "using what you have" to make some beautiful.
Moved some lamps around from other rooms and have gathered some things for my daughter's garage sale we are having in a few weeks.  She is raising money for her missions trip this summer and I love knowing that the things I no longer need can raise money for her to experience this wonderful opportunity in another country.
I also added added some new books here, there and everywhere.
Recovered my little chair that is in my entry (below) with a new hide I found at an antique store.
I always enjoy change, even if it's in the small things.  It's a new beginning and I'm passionate about that!  This weekend I'm going to work around my pool and plant some flowers.
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