Tobi Fairley's Design Camp & Her Home

Tobi and I in her home in front of her freshly decorated mantel.

Last month I attended Tobi Fairley's Advanced Design Camp.  As you know, Tobi is a Designer in Little Rock, AR and was voted as one of the top 20 designers in America. 
See Traditional Home Magazine for full article. 
Such a colorful person, inside and out!
Her work was also featured on the March 2010 cover of House Beautiful Magazine
She offers Design Camps throughout the year and I had to attend! 
There were about 15-20 of us, some designers and some who just have a passion for design.  We had a great group with an amazing dynamic.  I had never been in a room filled with such creativity and it was awesome! 

The first night, we had the privilege of having our first session in Tobi's beautiful home. We sat around her living room casually and her topic was focused on entertaining.  She is filled with ideas and has such a fun, magnetic personality.  She spoke and answered questions about anything and everything from flower arrangements to party story boards.  
From the moment I walked into her entry, it felt like home to me. You know the feeling of a space that welcomes you in.  She was greeting each one of us at the door as we came in.  Her smile is contagious, very warm and completely genuine just like I thought it would be from reading her blog over the past year.   
Each room had a glorious surprise in every corner.  The best part was that it was filled with rich colors and incredible patterns.  Tobi was born to work with pattern and vibrant color that's for sure!! 
Tobi took us on a tour of her home and I was hanging on every word that came out of her mouth.  It was so much fun to see how her designer mind thinks and creates.  She is incredibly gifted and is definitely doing what God created her to do!
Aren't these chairs delightful on each side of her Christmas tree?

This room is a place where you can't help but feel peaceful. 
Notice that she has a lot of items on this table.  The key to this looking so beautiful is that she used only a few colors, different heights and complimentary calm patterns that rest your eye and don't compete with each other.  The dining room setting doesn't distract from the rest of her furniture, accessories and artwork in that room.  CRISP AND CLEAN!
Yes, we got to eat those cupcakes!!

This table was set in her kitchen eating area.  Such a happy space.  I know her daughter must be in heaven!  I imagined myself eating a wonderful family breakfast at this table Christmas morning.  I'm sure that is what her family does.  Tobi is definitely a woman of traditions and family so I know every bit of her home is used for all the family time she holds dear to her.
I loved everything about this table setting but one thing that I really liked is how Tobi added the pom pom fringe to the edge of the napkins.  It is a small detail but it brings the whole table together.  Notice how your eye sees the tall black Eiffel towers and then the black napkin fringe and then you will notice in the picture the black stripes on the rug.  It all flows together magnificently.  These are the details that make GREAT DESIGN. 
One more thing about this table is the fact that it can be used for other occasions (valentines day) as well.  Change out a few plates, etc. and take the Santa chair cover away and make one for cupid.   Christmas decor doesn't have to be all the traditional colors.  Tobi really mixed it up in her home and it all goes beautifully with her every day decor.  Functional, beautiful and practical are what Tobi's tips are all about - so refreshing!
The Entry
The black and white wallpaper is stunning.  I had seen pictures in magazines and on her website before but in person it is so much more beautiful.  I almost stole the entry lamp on the way out!
The wallpaper continues all the way up the stairs and a colorful painting greets you at the top.
This is her daughters playroom.  My girls LOVED seeing pictures of this room.  They are teenagers and were crazy about it so her daughter will grow into this space as she gets older.
The pink chair spoke to me!  The black piping really is the icing on the cake.
Her Christmas tree is climbing with with sock monkeys. 
After a delightful time in her home with amazing food provided by her dear mom we headed back to the hotel to get a good night sleep for the next days camp.  This was a great time for me to get to know my new friends!  We sat in the lobby and lost all sense of time as we talked and compared notes!
It was fun to be in Tobi's gallery and studio on Saturday.  
We learned so much and it was a delightful experience for me.   What an honor to be trained under her.  A lot of designers are closed about their ideas but Tobi is willing and open to share about how she became successful at what she does.  I can see why her clients love her because I did!
Thank you Tobi for a wonderful Design Camp! 
Get ready world, I'm taking my design to the next level.
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I challenge you to find someone that inspire you, it is exhilarating.
to see before and after pictures of my work!