2010 Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time to decorate!  Who doesn't enjoy it?
Each year the girls and I enjoy getting out all the ornaments.  We've collected blown glass, crystal and our definite favorites are the ones they have made over the years.
The tree is so sparkly at night and is in our entryway this year.  I placed it in a garden urn to make it feel grander and we are really enjoying it! 
I tried to keep it minimal so it doesn't look like Christmas threw up in my house.
Love my noodle ornament that my youngest made for when she was in kindergarten.
These large crystal prisms are my newest this year.
My garland is creeping up the mantel for a new change.
All my left over Christmas greenery landed in this giant bowl on my dining room table and it turned out so simple and elegant.  Didn't have to do much to make it look great.  Added the antlers so my husband would be happy!
These birdies love their yearly wreath that I wrap around their necks.
Metallic silver ornaments placed on a rustic wooden tray speaks volumes.
Outside urns got a touch too!

My gate feels special this year because of its new candy cane bow.
Rejoice is right!  I'm rejoicing that it's this time of the year! 
Love all the festive parties and more time with family and friends.
I'm participating in a Deck the Halls party!
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