Top color trends used by Interior Designers in 2009

I went to Dallas Market Center this week to see all the new home products and hear seminars on recent trends, etc. What caught my eye this time at market was the array of colors. For so long we've seen lots of muted soft tones. They are still very popular but the introduction of many other colors is alive and well.

Elegance and luxury have been abandoned and replaced with sensibility and cultural awareness. A respect for nature and fundamental human values are deep within the emerging color trends.

In example of these colors are seen with Benjamin Moore Paints. I think they have done a great job selecting colors that are practical and warm and inviting for any space. The intensity of the colors and the hues are perfect. Below is a description of their color palletes and examples of their new colors. These color trends will get you up to speed with the new color trends but actually ahead-of-the-curve by knowing what color palettes will be used by many top interior designers in 2009 and beyond.

The Natural Purity trend is inspired by the driving force to use natural products in all facets of our lives; pure natural foods, eco-friendly building products, no additives or treatments, everything in its purest form. Light and shadow interplay to satisfy the yearning for simplicity in a world of over abundance.

The Organic Village trend is inspired by the movement to live in bustling urban areas yet maintaining a peaceful and serene lifestyle. This is fueled by the desire to be part of the community while reducing pollution and global warming. Smaller living spaces reflect the socially responsible actions of design and sustainability. The urban village does not sprawl but moves upward with organic rooftop gardens.

The Nocturnal Habitat trend is inspired by the desire to simplify our lives. With a fast paced lifestyle, virtually and digitally, these colors feel soothing yet infuse a wide array of color. We are searching for a restful environment that conveys our ecological values respecting the balance between earth and its people. All living creatures want to feel secure in their surroundings.

Global Oneness celebrates individuality in each of us. It is combined with international influences that shape our world in a vivid exciting palette. Yet stepping out of this global circle we need our own identity. The dramatic colors announce LOOK AT ME!