White House Made Comfortable

Today begins a new era in American history as Barack Obama is inaugurated as our 44th president. It's not unusual for incoming First Ladies to make changes to the more than 200 year old residence. One of Michelle Obama’s priorities has been to make sure her family feels comfortable in their new home, The White House.

I've read that The Obamas chose California native Michael S. Smith http://www.michaelsmithinc.comheir/ as their designer whose style has been characterized as “a delicate blend of European tradition and American modernism.” The First Family will be in good company. Smith has designed spaces for Cindy Crawford, Steven Spielberg and many other notables. Smith’s first task: the daughters’ bedrooms. I hope we get to see a little of Smith’s work and how he spent his $100,000 budget, courtesy of Congress.

Can you imagine just moving into the White House never mind having someone come in and decorate it like you want it.

Can't wait to see what it looks like!