Tropical Bamboo Gazebo




Okay, so you wonder what we are up to on the weekends?


 Well, my husband and daughters have been extremely busy doing some updates  to our cabana.


 My husband built our cabana about 4 years ago (see above picture) because our previous one (canvas)  collapsed in a snowstorm (see previous below).   The above picture is before it had the terra cotta tiles put on the roof.



We are outdoor people and love to sit outside on summer evenings.

 Being that I grew up in Africa and my husband in Papua New Guinea, outdoor living, even if it's hot, appeals to us.

We decided that we wanted bamboo as the walls around the cabana to make it more private and tropical.




We found these bamboo panels online and knew they would be perfect!  My girls are looking to make money for their missions trip that is coming up this summer. handy husband put them both to work and is teaching them how to work hard, that's for sure.  He even had them using the drill by the time they were done.  He was PROUD.


Our paradise!  We feel as if we have escaped to another place when we are in our backyard.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Take some time to sit out on your patio.  Great conversations happen when you take time to just sit and enjoy each other.