Updates to your home on a budget.

As you know, one of my decorating specialties is "using what you have".  Well today, I put that skill to good use.
I met with this client about a week ago and decided what we could use in her home and what treasures I needed to purchase to make some quick "updates" to their home without spending a fortune.  I made a list of things I needed to shop for and she laid out all the things I could use or she wanted me to incorporate into the spaces. 
In this economy, we are all looking for ways to cut back and this kind of request is something I come across weekly with my new and existing client's. 
I spent the morning at their home today putting their rooms together with all my new treasures and the client's existing ones.  Here are some of the things we did to update their home, making it feel much more up to date!
Top shelf of bookshelf.  Love the lighting, adds so much to this collection.
Added this little arrangement to their side table and the green color along with this rustic urn made it all come alive!
(needed a little transformation so they don't look like they belong in your grandma's house)
Adding this "old world" patina to them made them seem more "vintage" instead of "old fashioned"
Now we can't have these cords showing now can we????
Used a plant to cover them up!!!!
This arrangement was feelin' tired and grumpy!!
I took some of the greenery (white flowers/fuss) out of the arrangement and added new whimsy to it!  It's ALIVE and happy again.
This urn needed some friends.
Way better!  Adding a basket to the table allows you to make a nice grouping of items.  Angling the tray adds some interest too!
Love the copper balls!  The greenery makes the home feel lived in and invites you into the space.
Up close and personal.
Before Dining Room.
After Dining Room
Great architectural piece I found at an Antique store, created from an old banister.  Because the dining room has so much pattern on the walls from the wallpaper I wanted to add a SIMPLE rustic element to make the room feel more casual and inviting.
It was a little to "out of the box" for my client so we resorted to PLAN B which was a hurricane candle instead. 
I still wanted you to see what a big change you can make to a space by just adding something with character!!

By adding a simple pillow to this chair it is now feeling much more up to date!  Orange is back friends!! 
Goes perfectly with the client's plate next to the wingback chairs.
Added this elegant pillow to this cute chair on the stairway.  I fell in love with its shape!
Ready to update your home on a budget?  You know who to call.