Your gumballs inspired me Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross, is an amazing Designer and won the Bloomingdale's Window Challenge representing Elle Decor last month. 
Eddie Ross with Margaret Russel (editor and chief of Elle Decor)
The window that Eddie Designed.
The above gumballs are what inspired for my centerpiece that I donated to the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce for the Awards Banquet today.  Funny what inspires you and for some reason this got me going!  My creative juices started flowing and before I knew it I had created my centerpiece and thought it was a lot of fun!
Here's what I came up with.  Thank you Eddie for your inspiration!!!
"To My Valentine"
Two little love birds.
I layered 2 vases to create the height I needed as well as separate the food items with the moss!

Searched high and low for these!  M&M's wouldn't do, it had to be gumballs!  Eddie didn't use red ones but I thought they looked really great with my red "love birds"
You should have seen me carrying this arrangement in the lobby of the hotel.  It was in a huge box because I was SO scared that if I dropped it gumballs would go rolling EVERYWHERE.  I had a nightmare about it last night.  Fortunately nothing like that happened.
Here are some other centerpieces that I thought you would enjoy from the banquet today.

Have a great weekend!