Vacation "Welcome Home"


I have a client that decided to go on vacation while we had their kitchen re-painted. They were gone for a week and we painted the cabinets, textured the walls, painted wainscoting, fireplace and built in bookshelves and desk. It was a good thing they were out of town because being around while painting and texturing is going on is crazy, especially in your kitchen. I took some after pictures and the painter wasn't quite done so there are ladders and paint cans still in place.

AFTERThe antique white paint with a glaze really updates and brightens up the space. The island is painted a rich slate color.

The wainscoting was painted a rich khaki color, the same as the bookshelves and desk in the adjoining living room. This warm red makes the kitchen have personality. It looked "fine" before but now it says "wow"

The fireplace surround use to be white and now it's the same color as the island in the kitchen, making these rooms flow better together. The color behind the bookshelves is the same color we used in the kitchen. Now it looks rich and inviting. Easy fix for little money.

My client came home and they were thrilled! What a fun way to come home from a vacation.