All covered in paint!

My friends all make fun of me because I'm always found with a paint brush in my hand and paint somewhere on my body. Finding just the right combination of colors is always such great fun to me. I love the process of seeing something transformed. The greatest is when you actually have an inspiration piece that you can copy or have someone else copy for you!

This week I painted this mirror. It was originally a brassy gold and didn't go with the decor I was working with. What I really wanted was for it to go with the copper wall art that I had found for that bathroom. Below is the artwork I used as my color inspiration for my mirror.

After lots of layering; Gray, black, metallic cooper and hints of metallic gold, I got what I was looking for.

Just goes to show, don't throw out or pass up old brassy mirrors at garage sales, thrift stores, your grandma's hand me downs or even attic finds, etc. Look for mirrors that have character. If they have character they can easily be updated and transformed!

Don't get stuck with things you don't like. If mixing colors to get just the right color is definitely not your thing then "spray paint" it a different color, it's better than living with something you don't like. If you go to any home improvement store they have every color known to man, including metallic, hammered and textured spray paint.

Look around your house today....find something that you aren't that crazy about any more. I challenge you to spray paint it a different color and see what you think. If you love it, send it to me and I'll post it on my blog. Spray paint will cost you about $4.50 or less and you'll have a new TREASURE!

Happy painting!