What do your lampshades look like?

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I met with a client in my office yesterday and she commented on how much she liked my lampshade on my consultation table.  It made me start thinking about how much a lampshade can change up a room and add so much personality and style.  It makes a space inviting and classy. 
When shopping for lampshades, I always look for great shapes, textures, color and pattern.  I walked around my house and took a few snapshots of all the lampshades I have.  As you can see, my lampshades all have a personality of their own.
Family Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Guest Room
Family room
Kids play area
Master Bedroom sitting area
Above fridge in kitchen
Master Bedroom
I found this lamp last week and thought it was darling.  I haven't found a place for it yet - thinking about my guest bathroom.  The crystals make it gorgeous when its on!
Your lampshades are a great way to change up your space and make it feel new without spending too much money.  One thing to think about though is how that lamp is used in that room.  Are you needing it for "task" lighting or is it just for "accent" lighting.  If you need task lighting in a room, you don't want a dark lampshade or one that has too much pattern because then it will defeat the purpose of what that lamps is suppose to help you with.  REMEMBER too that the scale of the lampshade has to work with the lamp base.  You can totally mess it up if this is wrong.
What do your lampshades look like? 
Could you change out a few to make a dramatic change to your room?