A great marriage

I found this fantastic pair of lamps today while I was out and about.  They came with real basic white shades that had no character. The shades were pretty hideous so I told the store owner they could have the shades and resell those with some other lamps.   I loved the black distressed finish on the bases and knew they would make a great marriage once I found them some great shades.  Nice heavy bases too!

I thought the acorn finial was a nice added touch.

These are the new lampshades that I purchased for the lamps.  Don't you think they are going to look wonderful!

Thought this urn had a a beautiful rustic patina.  Grabbed it before anyone else saw it.
I bought this candlestick for its shape and will paint it to look something like the following candlesticks.  Can't you just see it?  Which one is your favorite?
I think I prefer C (The above pictures are from Pottery Barn)
The sad part of the day was I broke an urn while faux painting it!!  There are sometimes losses with great finds.  Oh well, at least it doesn't happen every time.  I will mourn the loss of this beauty!