Budget ideas for your Christmas wrapping, bows and tags

Every year when it comes to wrapping my presents, I always try to find paper that isn't too Christmasy.  It seems that I always have tons left over.  My time is valuable and I like to stock up on my supplies and keep them throughout the year in my wrapping paper station (an old antique armoire that was given to us).  
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I thought I would give you some tips for your shopping this year and get you inspired to choose the right items to save you cash and time.
When selecting my wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows and tags, I usually try to choose things that I can use all year round for any event that creeps up on me.

The above paper is actually wedding paper.  There is no reason why it couldn't be used for any occasion.  Tied with a red or gold bow would make it very festive for Christmas.
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Red wood grain from Container Store
Red paper is a GREAT choice but this doesn't scream Christmas which allows you to use it all year.  Tie it with a black or gold bow and you are good to go for your holiday gifts under the tree.
Container Store
The wood grain paper is perfect for the man or co-worker in your life.
Leopard - Container Store
You can't go wrong with an animal print.  A gold metallic bow or red satin bow would make the person receiving this amazingly wrapped gift feel really special and excited.
Copper Tapestry - Container Store

This paper is so classy.  I Love the design because it is traditional yet has whimsical personality. 
 Quick Ruthie Tip: Any wrapping paper would make a beautiful place mat under a plate for your Christmas table.  Cut with decorative scissors around the edges and you have a really sophisticated table setting in no time and for little expense.  It can be used as a table runner too.
Herringbone - Container Store
I think this Herringbone paper is my favorite this year. Tie your package with a red bow and you instantly have a WOW present.  For the rest of the year you could tie a white, cream, pink, lime green, turquoise or any other color satin or wired ribbon bow around this package and it would be so striking.
Bohemian - Container Store
My oldest daughter will go nuts for this paper.  Tied with a lime green tulle bow and a fun sparkly copper or gold tag and your teenage girls will be thinking you are so cool.  Her friends will love it too.
The paper can be used for birthday parties all year long.
You might be the person that can't stand to be generic and want your wrapping to be totally personalized.  Well you got it.  Go to Giftskins.com and go crazy designing your paper for your family!!!
Quick Ruthie Tip:  You could design your own paper and decoupage it on your walls as a wallpaper treatment.    They don't just have Christmas paper that you can design.  Imagine how fun it would be to put pictures of your vacations at the end of a hallway wall or even on a side table or coffee table. 
Can you believe this is wrapping paper?
Who wouldn't love these vintage tags hanging off their presents?  So adorable! 
Anything sparkly added to a gift is so much fun.
I've got to have these vintage tags, they won me over!  The red satin ribbon makes them stunning.
Simple brown bags are perfect for generic wrapping.  I keep a these in every size on hand at all times.  You can enhance them with fun tissue paper, beautiful bows or you can even STAMP THEM (see below)
This stamp would be perfect on any brown gift  bag.  You can use a silver or gold metallic paint on the stamp and it looks very classy.  Black would show up nicely too.
Any craft store has these Metallic Acrylic paints in a variety of colors.
How about having your own family stamp made?   It could even be your family crest. 
This stamp is for a Birthdays, Showers or Weddings
This bag could have some red paper added or even a leopard print paper and you would be good to go.  Add a touch of Christmas by adding one of the red sparkly tags above that I mentioned and now you are set.
Pink ribbon tied to a chocolate brown bag is always true perfection.
Quick Ruthie Tip:  Glue gun grosgrain ribbon to the top and bottom of the bag on each side and you have something custom made immediately.
Wouldn't these  leather embossed bags be amazing with some silver or copper metallic tissue paper added.  No reason why you can't make something look like it is suppose to be for the holiday season.  Love these bags for hostess gifts.
You can't go wrong with a satin ribbon. It always looks so crisp on a package.  I like to choose a two sided ribbon so you have more choices when you are wrapping.  It also looks nice to see two colors on the gift.
Tulle is another one of my favorite ways to wrap a gift.  Wrap around the present a few times and tie a nice bow and it looks like a million bucks was spent.  Be bold and use multiple colors!
If you are doing a lot of wrapping then a ribbon that has wire in it is ALWAYS makes it easy.  I especially like it because if the kids are helping me wrap, you cannot mess a bow up.  Perfect for those that don't feel crafty.
Bend it to the right position you want and it always turns out GREAT.  

Last year I used a black and white swirl paper and I have used it all year for gifts with a variety of ribbons and bows.
We are all watching our budgets and I hope you save some time and money this year with these holiday tips.
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