Closet Glam

I'm in the process of reorganizing my closet.  We've been in this house 3 years now and I've figured out what is working for me and what isn't.
My shoes are not hanging like this!
(Martha Stewart)
Sorry Martha but my clothes aren't color coordinated either but I wish they were!
I have a small "walk-in" closet that I share with my husband.  Do you think he'd go for a chandelier?
Or wallpaper?
Maybe he'll build me some extra shelves?
or extra drawers!
Something has got to change and I'd love it to look like this.
My jewelry is a disaster too. 
I am ordering this jewelry organizer from Etsy!
Loved this one too!
Thought this was a great idea.
Brilliant but I would need lots of these!
I have a cabinet upstairs like this that I may move downstairs to our bathroom for my shoes!
Isn't this stunning?
Wish me luck, it's a daunting task!!
Do you you think if I organize my closet I may walk out looking like this?
Dreaming some kind of magic will happen!
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