Are your houseplants sad?

I made this arrangement this weekend.
After taking my tree down, I changed things up a little and needed something where the tree was.  I shopped around the house and "used what I had" to create it.  It still needed something after I finished.....I then remembered I had the wrought iron finial and placed it in the pot.  Now I like it.
I fell in love with this pot and then found the iron base later for it to stand on.  Created the perfect height that I needed.  I like an arrangement that looks like it's real and has some "flounce" and "whimsy" to it.  Nothing stiff!
I bought this old book while I was in Spain.  I wanted to buy about 20 of them but they were really expensive because they are so old.
I love this little side table I found for $10.  It was terribly dusty and worn when I dug it out of its misery.  I polished it up and cleaned the leather top and wrought iron base and  it's wonderful now.  If you have the space, layering tables like this creates an interesting vignette.
Do some of your plants look sad?  Take them apart and make one big arrangement.  Sometimes changing containers, adding height, removing dust bunnies can really spruce up your space.  Especially look above your kitchen cabinets.  I always suggest that you don't put faux plants up there.  That is the perfect example of where dust gathers.  Replace the arrangement with a basket or a gorgeous vase or tray instead.
See what you have around your house that you can change up a'll be surprised.