Chandelier Heaven

Okay, my dining room chandelier needed a boost.  I decided to transform the above "plain Jane" chandelier shades into something more like artwork.
This is the ceiling inset in my dining room.  I added this wallpaper (decoupaged) about 2 years ago and LOVE it.  The crown molding is painted black.  SO....these colors are my inspiration for the lampshades.
First I put joint compound on each one.  Nice and thick. 
I let them dry overnight.
I then painted them a plain "creamy white".
Added a "burnt umber" glaze with a sponge to add a textured look.
SCARY I know.  I added another "tobacco" glaze on top of that.
It's all about blending, blending, blending.  I had to let each layer dry before starting the next.  Not an easy task for me since I like things DONE right away!  Patience, patience, patience.
I then added a "metallic antique gold" and then finally a "copper" finished it off.
I love the texture, looks like a canvas.
Finished them by putting a black border on the top and bottom of the shade.
What do you think?
I love them!
Colors all work beautifully with my vintage tapestry too.
2 days of patience = satisfaction!
About 6 months ago, I found a chandelier similar to the one below.  I could do something fantastic with this old brass finish.  I decided it belonged in my office.  I spent the day transforming it into this nice copper patina.  I had some chandelier hats and painted them red and glazed them too.  Wanted them to look old and worn.
Doesn't it look better?
I added these "Crystal Christmas ornaments" and it's now hanging in my office!
Go make something beautiful!
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