Baking Frenzy

It's my turn to take snack to my life group tonight.  Every year at this time of year, I make a pumpkin cake for my family.  It's become a tradition at our house.  It's always a spice/pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing.
Last week we were at life group and we had an ice breaker where we had to each tell what our favorite flavor donut was.  Mine of course is pumpkin and I hear that Crispy Creme has the best!  However, most everyone else said they loved chocolate.  So, in making my cake this year, I took all my favorite girls into consideration since only a few of us liked pumpkin. 
You need a bundt cake and your favorite chocolate cake recipe.
Bake and let your cake cool.  Make sure you grease and flour your pan REALLY well.
Ice with white cream cheese icing and place an ice cream cone in the center of the cake and you are done.
 In past years I've done orange icing and a green ice cream cone.  Orange icing is hard to find so this year I decided I liked white pumpkins anyway!  If you want orange, the best deal is to ask your local bakery if you can buy some of their ready made colored icing by the pound.
Uh oh, just got a call from my life group leader that they've cancelled life group tonight.
Well.....I guess the cake is for us.  Won't my family be happy!
Somebody already is!!
Happy Monday to you all!