DecRenew Organization for 2011

I was recently at an estate sale and found 5 of these black storage boxes.
I've learned that I love to find a treasure but have put one rule in place to keep me in check.  If I find something great, I must put it to use right away  If I don't have time to do that, I don't purchase it.  I feel like this rule keeps me from becoming a hoarder.  If the items needs to be painted, repaired, etc. then I have to evaluate whether I have the time that week to do it or not.  If I don't, I don't purchase it.  It is a hard rule to go by but I have to do this or my garage would be full and my husband would kick me out there with all my stuff!

This week, I've been extremely busy finishing up a clients home so they can have all their final decor in their home before Christmas!  However, I decided I wanted the boxes badly enough and could stay up really late one evening to accomplish my goal (a girl will find time to do what a girl wants to do).   I've put my new boxes in my office and have created the new labels for each of the items in the box.
I don't like having disorganized, junky shelves but have to be practical about having my printer paper, photo paper, sketching pens, etc. at my fingertips. 
Problem solved now and everything is hidden away and I am happy...
yawn, yawn!
By the way, the boxes cost me $5.00 for all - Yippee!!
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