LUXurious, Chic Master Suite

Master Bedrooms are always my favorite rooms to redo.  So often we leave our master bedroom until last in our house, however, it's where we spend most of our time. 
When my I first met with my client, she had the bed and the sheets and a few pieces of furniture in this room.  She left all the old bedding behind when she moved from her Ranch. Decided it was time for a change.  The bed originally had draperies hanging all around it and I recommended she take them off and showcase the beautiful wrought iron work on the bed. She immediately did that and the room came to life!
We added Luxurious down pillows, a quilt and a down duvet cover.
The European shams are a great way to bring grandeur to your bed.
This picture was taken looking through the mirror. 
You can see how beautifully the color and patterns work together!

The client found the rug and wanted me to decorate around it.  Because the rug is vibrant in color and is a show piece in the room, I didn't want to overdo the bedding.  Instead, I chose a softer more CHIC style to compliment the rug.  For those of you who know me, I'm all about "mixing it up" so it looks really classy.  All the bedding pieces were purchased through different vendors, making it look interesting.  It's all about the layers!

I found the lamp bases and added new shades to them because the ones that came with the lamps didn't appeal to me.  The new gray shade really looks handsome.
So inviting, I almost spent the night.

The artwork above the bed with the white mats really looks fabulous with the white pillows.  My client already had the chocolate brown bed skirt so the euro shams with the embroidery all around the edge really  pulled it all together.
We moved the chair in from another room.  It wasn't anything too amazing but in great shape and the perfect reading chair.
By adding a vibrant, updated pillow to the chair it immediately made it stylish.
Great way to spruce up a chair is to add a pillow, can you see how this pillow makes the chair 
Fun artwork display with items that were special to the client that she specifically wanted showcased.
We added splashes of the colors we used in the bedroom into the master bathroom too.
Who needs solid towels when there are such great patterns out there.  Mix solids with patterns to create a more interesting look.
New artwork to make it feel fresh and finished.

This little cabinet is in the hallway right outside the bedroom.  We made it look more modern by putting this sophisticated silver mirror above it.
Instantly gorgeous grouped with 3 glass vases on one of her silver trays.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
I found out this week that I'll be having foot surgery sometime next week so I'm slowing down a bit because I'll have to be off it for 2 weeks, urgggg.   Working on 5 new design plans while I have to stay off my feet so I won't be doing any installs over the next few weeks.