Fresh look for the fall season

A couple weeks ago, I heard from a client that I worked with about 4 years ago.  They are a great couple and own a law firm here in Southlake.  We've had fun together over the years because I helped them with their home and then went on and redecorated their law office.  A few years later their business really grew and they moved to a larger space in Southlake and I redid that space too.  It was a great process and I've loved seeing their business and family flourish.
She told me in her e-mail that they wanted to do some minor revamping in their home and asked me to find something for their niche outside their bedroom.

This is the niche BEFORE

This is what I put together and placed in her niche - AFTER
I loved the uniqueness of the vase that I found and the simplicity of the flower buds.  Scale and simplicity is key to making your accessories stunning, elegant, classic and noticed by all.
I played with all the fall colors too before I took the vase over to their home and thought it looked amazing with these beautiful burnt orange fall colors.  My client doesn't have any of this color in her home but it would be great for a fall arrangement anytime she wanted to change the florals out.
Love changing it up!
Do you need to change things up?  Are you bored with the "typical" arrangements out there?  Call me and I can help you revamp your style.