Ice Blue, Ruthie's favorite color for 2010


It's crazy but this is our pool this week in TEXAS.  Our breaker tripped overnight and then we had freezing weather and the pool pump couldn't be turned back. We hope we aren't going to be stuck with a big pool bill??

My husband thought I was out of my mind taking pictures but I saw absolute beauty in the ice.  The color sent me off into creation land.  The first picture above that  I took is truly the color it was when the sunshine came out.
It is starting to melt now and it's even more gorgeous!!!  "ICE BLUE"
Again, stunning color!
Of course we've been seeing this "ice blue" around for a while now but I had to see what I could find that I could add to my personal style and or my home or future client's homes.
Love this "ice blue" pillow from Etsy.  The added black pattern is very striking and then the antique broach softens it, giving it a vintage look.
This "ice blue" sparkle cardigan is gorgeous with it's dazzling sequence.  Go here to get more information about it.
Wouldn't this beautiful embroidered purse be lovely with a black velvet outfit?  Go to Etsy to see more pictures.
I might have to order this for my early birthday present.

Victoria Beckham looks stunning with her " ice blue" eyes.  I'm going to try this out on my next date.
The above "ice blue" pillow can be found at your local Target.  It's simple but could change up a room dramatically.

Let's say you had a pair of these leather chairs.  Adding an "ice blue" pillow like either one above would soften the look of the masculine feel the leather portrays.
The following pictures were taken at Palacek yesterday while I was at Dallas Market Home and Gift Show.
I bought this platter!  I have a vase on my dining room table that it will go perfectly with!
Now these I thought were amazing.  Funny how I saw them the day I took pictures of my pool! 
See I'm not going out of my mind. 
Great coral lamp.  So natural and notice how the lampshade is simple and elegant so it doesn't take away from the coral's beauty.
Loved these starfish!  Don't they look like my pool ice?
Fun mirror!

Add this serene display of swarming "ice blue" fish to your room and you would have a wonderfully put together collection.  These hand embroidered pieces of artwork can be found at Posh Living.  Hand embroidered!!!  The frames are made out of vintage mirrors. 

They would coordinate with the "ice blue" starfish and fishes I saw at Palacek wouldn't they?


This caught my eye immediately!!  Looks like ice.

Lots of seashell motif this year too.  Not everywhere, just touches here and there.   Nothing is matchy matchy.  Mixing up styles is definitely the trend and has been for a while now.
Having a designer help you put all the styles together is the key.  You can definitely start to look hodge podge if you don't know what you are doing.
So you see "ice blue" is going to be a new color I use in 2010.  Not in every room or for every client but I will find a way to add it into my design selections somehow.
What's your favorite color this year?  What color inspires you?