Deck the house with a party

My husband and I had a little party today over lunch in our home.  Always fun to stop the day for something that feels festive.  I always prefer being in a home vs. a restaurant, don't you?  We made homemade lasagna and it was a tag team effort.  My husband made the sauce and I made the lasagna.  We served it with ceasar salad and fresh bread from Central Market.  When hosting a party, not everything has to be homemade.  You would never entertain if that was the case.  My philosophy is to make it easy on yourself so you aren't stressed out.  When the hostess is relaxed then everyone has fun!
I ordered these little bundt cakes from Nothingbundtcakes.  Like their motto says "they are so good, you wish there wasn't a hole in them."  I did put the little decorative toothpicks in each cake because I thought they weren't dressed up enough.  It made the platter looks so much happier.  They are delicious little nuggets.
When throwing a party, the dessert is key in my opinion.  I had tried these before and knew they would be a hit.
Holiday punch was enjoyed by all.
Glass candy cane straws and wreath decor for each glass.
(shh, shh,  I used this idea at my last party but different people so we are okay)
My Christmas plates were happy to see the world.
Real holly makes things feel so like Christmas is here.
  Wow is it ever prickly!
A pop of red is needed at any Holiday party. 
Touches outdoors!  Jing a ling.
Finally cold enough today for a fire!
The wall sconces don't feel left out now that they are decked out with garland.
I finally have a few gifts wrapped.  My elves are slow this year.
Starbucks coffee for all.  What's a party without after dessert coffee.  My husband bought me these new china cups for an early Christmas present a couple weeks ago when we were in Jefferson, TX over Thanksgiving.
Bought one of these little stands for some of my friends on my Christmas list and of course one for us/me!  It is so much fun to write grocery lists, to do's, notes to each other, etc.  I'll use it as my menu card for parties too!
As you can see, my girls are already loving it.
Didn't take long.
A package above the refrigerator is noticed by every kid that enters.
A little elf stocking adds whimsy.
It is in my blood, I love to entertain and have guests in our home.  It brings joy to me and makes it feel like the holiday season!  We had great conversation, lots of fun and laughter.
That makes me happy.
Hope your weekend is wonderful.
 I'm sure you have a party or two to attend.
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