An entertaining book for your Christmas list

I know I just wrote a blog entry but I heard about this wonderful book today and have just ordered it!  I thought I'd pass the details on to you. 
"Simple, Cheap & Chic Entertaining, When You're Tired, Busy and on a Budget"
 Rhonda N. Grote.
  Order here from for your friends on your Christmas list.
This caption caught my eye right away....
The book that challenges politically correct party planning & hospitality, so that you can entertain more often.
Rhonda  is a woman after my own heart.   This is what she says about her book: "It encourages and inspires people to truly entertain their guests and have others over more often. Sharing your life with others is a gift for your guests...and for you." 
I'm all over that!  We have become a society where we are too busy to spend time with people all year round.  We shouldn't JUST be spending time with family and friends during the holiday season?? 
Woman's Day Magazine
You've heard me talk about that before on the blog and you know that this is my passion and one of the reasons that I started DecRenew Interiors and this blog.  I wanted families to gather in their homes and enjoy their space TOGETHER.  It doesn't have to be over the top expensive.  It can be beautiful, comfy, functional and within your budget.  This topic gets me so excited!
Visit Rhonda's blog too (Really Relish) .  Great ideas and fun for entertaining in your home.

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