Everyone needs the color black in a room

I found these hand painted botanicals the other day.  There was a grouping of 3 and I couldn't pass them all up for $25 total.  I got so excited about them because black ALWAYS makes a statement in a room. They can be placed next to each other in a row or stacked above each other.   For those clients that have worked with me you've heard me say that each room in your home should have a touch of black.  You don't want to overdo it but it's an easy way to make a room look very sophisticated and incredibly classy. 
All three botanicals are slightly different.  I have them in my bathroom right now and I like them up against the terra cotta walls.  We'll see if they stay there. 
The botanicals above reminded me of a client's room I posted about 2 years ago .  I used these black scrolled wooden panels as the focal point in this room.  The space had such a large wall that I needed something strong to draw you into the room.  The client wanted to use the existing furniture so we stuck to her budget because that's what DecRenew is all about.  We just added some beautiful down filled pillows, lamps, and a few accessories and she had a very inviting living room when we finished.  Notice how the embroidered pillows that have black as their background make the whole couch come together.  This room wasn't used before and now I think it will be lived in because it is conversational, warm and comfortable.

Their staircase was black wrought iron so it coordinated well with their newly decorated living room.  We hung this fabric tapestry that looks like leather on the staircase wall, flanked with wrought iron scroll work on each side.  It was crazy installing this piece because the landing wasn't that spacious.
This little wine bar was under the stairs but they never used it.  I placed an oil painting over the wine slots.  The painting was the perfect size and it adds so much interest to this little spot.  Another good way to use a wine cabinet if the client isn't that into wine is to fill it with magazines.  In this room it would have been too cluttered so the simplicity of this painting is what it needed.
On a slightly different subject, I found these lamps this week too.  I couldn't pass them up because of the shelving that is used as it's base.  Aren't these amazing for someone that has a limited amount of space.  These could even be mounted to the wall.
Very functional and being black they would really add some strength to any bedroom.  Handsome!
I challenge you to try adding some black to your rooms, you'll love it!