Pumpkin Decor

Well, it FINALLY feels like fall so I thought it was time to post some fall ideas. 
I was out and about this week and found these fabulous glass pumpkin's and couldn't pass them up.  Aren't they stunning?
So beautiful and unique!
I also finished decorating for fall and thought you might get some ideas.  You don't have to clear out all your accessories to bring in each season.  If you do that, then you have too much of a good thing and it will be over decorating.  Here are a few examples of changing it up simply and still getting a big impact. 
"All Natural" elements gathered together to create a grouping really adds great scale and interest.
When natural colors are placed on a splash of color it really makes a statement.
I love looking out my window above my kitchen sink at my scarecrow. Reminds me that it's cool outside. I can almost smell the fires burning, feel the family around me & smell the pumpkin spice in the air.

Of course, you've all seen this done before. I just happen to have the perfect candelabra on my mantel that is normally full of concrete balls. I've just exchanged a few of them with white pumpkins for the season.

I can see my scarecrow from my living room too.  My dog doesn't like it too much and keeps barking at him thinking he is an intruder.  I hope he doesn't spook me at night.

Added a few fall leaves to this vase that already had my collection of drift wood in it.
Found some glass leaves from last year that I got on a gift package someone gave me.  Re-used them this year around my soap by my kitchen sink.  Anyone recognize them?  I think I received the gift at my annual fall brunch.

Love these wrought iron pumpkins.  They are suppose to have a candle in them but I like them standing alone.
Several choices here for my dining table.  Love to play around and see what I come up with.  All things I already had just mixing it up a little.
Added some gourds, antler's and pumpkins to the entry table.
Which one do you like?
Added some decorative garland to the entry table.  Adds some great texture

Love these colors in the garland because they aren't the "typical" oranges that you see for fall.  It's always nice to have something out of the ordinary.
Last year I found these white pumpkins on sale when the season ended.  Don't they look real?  I usually don't like fake pumpkins but these are working for me.    I'm going to have to plant my fall flower's soon but just couldn't get rid of these yet since they were still blooming.  Now that it is cool here in Texas, I'll have to get busy planting my mums or pansies.
Love my lazy scarecrow.  His name is Herman and I'd love to sit by him and ask him how he's doing this year after a year in the attic?  I love the black wrought iron chair he's sitting in and was so happy when I found it at a patio sale for $10.00 a couple years ago.  This chair would be great indoors too.
Ava, my dog, doesn't like the above scarecrow either.  I had to take her out and introduce him to her.   My girls say the scarecrow's are guarding our house.
I added a ceramic pumpkin to my coffee bar candlestick.  Candles get kind of boring after a while so it's nice to have a change.