Scentsy Candles - This week's favorite thing.

Okay, last week I went into my orthodontist's office and they had scentsy candles fragrance throughout their whole office.  It smelled just like fall and made my day!!!

I asked all about them at the front desk and they gave me the scoop.  They are wonderful because it is wax that you melt and place into a beautiful ceramic vase of your choice.  It melts the wax and then you can pour it back into the storage mold and re-use another time.  You can choose lots of fragrances and decide what mood you are in and melt the one you love. 

I don't know about you, but I get sick of the same thing burning each week.  I LOVE CHANGE.

Call Tiffany Ross at 817-253-2975 if you would like to hear more about them.  She is a local representative for our area.  They make perfect gifts for the holiday's.