You are invited to a doggie birthday party

Ava turned 2 yesterday.
Yes, I'm a crazy mom and I surprised the kiddos with a mini-birthday party for our doggie princess after school yesterday.   They all got in the car when I picked them up and I immediately said "You are cordially invited to a birthday party for Ava."  Wow, you should have heard the noise in the car.  A never forget moment....
We got Ava 2 years ago because we needed a new skip in our step.  My husband had a terrible motorcycle accident and was bed bound for about 6 weeks.  He was starting to go stir crazy and the mood in the air was pretty dismal.  He decided that since he was at the house all day and was feeling kinda lonely, he could train a puppy....Hmmmmm.....he could train a puppy, bed bound?
We all agreed and here we are today 2 years later celebrating the joy that she has given our family.  We still have our challenges but most of all she's wonderful.
I thought it would be fun to have a few goodies at our party.  Edible and non-edible.
These are Ava's.  YUM!
Aren't these paw treats adorable?
These are ours treats.  Can't have a birthday party without cake?  I did restrain myself and didn't buy balloons (wink wink)
Curly cheese puffs - our new favorite.
The guest of honor was dressed in her best for the occasion.
Gotta balance the cupcake with something healthy.
What a realized about the party is that it REALLY wasn't about AVA, even though we do love her.  It was about a mommy that loves to surprise her kiddos when they least expect it and loved hearing their shrieks of excitement!  They were even more excited when they heard that their cousins got to come home with us too!  There will be a day when they think this kind of thing is corny so I'm going to treasure moments like these!  Grandma was off yesterday as well so she came and enjoyed the fun which was a treat!
What a good sport, the girls made her a dress and they had to try it on for the festivities.
These are the simple little things that make life awesome!  Celebrate spur of the moment time with your family,
 believe me it's worth it!