Grandma's Half Day Decorating Transformation

I received a call last week from one of my clients.  Her mother-in-law was moving into a Retirement Home and she needed my help transforming her space "using what she had."  They had everything delivered to the space and just needed me to make it to feel like home.
My installer and I arrived and got busy immediately hanging drapes & all  her artwork.  She had two white wicker chairs that are very special to her and wanted those incorporated into the living room sitting area so that's what we did.
Added red pillows from one of the couches to the white chairs and they started to look more apart of the space.  Pulled some white pillows out of the closet and added them to the couch to marry the furniture together.   I switched lampshades with lamp bases, fluffed, tweaked, etc. and it really came together nicely.  Her oil paintings that she purchased in Italy were hung together and they really add color, character and charm. I'm sure those paintings bring back loads of fond memories.
Very white and boring before.
Drapes always make a room feel warm and complete.
My client had some draperies taken down in her house last month because she got new ones (see photo below in her dining room before we took down) and we decided to just use the panels in Grandma's living room.  Love re-purposing and they look totally different in their new space.
Sorry not such a great after.  The coloring is off but you get the idea.
She has a great little patio area outside too.
Feels cozy now and she was THRILLED that her wicker rockers were incorporated.
This is what it looked like when we arrived.
See what I mean by drapes changing everything!!!!  The hardware is important too.  Don't skimp on your hardware, it can really bump your draperies up to the next level and make a room look so classy and sophisticated.

Grandma got a new bed and new soft, comfy bedding and we just made it look beautiful.  We hung her new curtains too.
I took pillows that were on her couch and used them on her bed.  Adding some color and interest to this inviting haven.
Grandma was happy to see all her bluebonnet oil painting over her bed and had a story to tell about the stork artwork next to the lamps.
It was awesome at the end of the day because she played me a beautiful song on the piano before I left.  It gave me goose bumps all over!  What a beautiful woman and beautiful legacy she is leaving for her family. She is rich with character and it just pours out of her.
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 I feel honored that I was asked to make her home beautiful.
Today was a day once again where I feel thankful I get to do what I do, such a blessing!
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