Turquoise Christmas with a touch Peacock

This is my 5th year to decorate a lobby in Dallas. 
My inspiration from the start has been this artwork that goes all the way up their lobby area. 
 I immediately thought of a peacock and it's color scheme and knew that would be what this lobby needed.
You can see here how the garland really looks great with the color scheme they already had in the artwork.  See our ladders in the background as we decorate their tree too. 
I'm always amazed at the colors that God has created that inspire us!
I added shimmery copper touches to the garland because I knew that would make a beautiful contrast!
Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle....I've become very good at my bow making skills!  It's all about wired ribbon!
I love using greenery that looks real filled with pine cones and different color greens.

Decorations all lined up for the tree!
The completed tree!
Now it's time for me to start decorating my house!  It's a mess right now but I started by putting greenery on my chandelier :)
Hope your holiday season is getting off to a good start!
I can't wait to add my crystal snowflakes to my chandelier next!
Linked to the above blog today :)  Loads of great Christmas decorating ideas!
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