My long awaited rose garden!

(photo by DecRenew Interiors)
Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day!  We had great fun with family and friends in Arkansas. 
For a while now I've been wanting to plant knockout roses in my backyard.  I've heard so many wonderful things about these roses and have been watching them bloom over the last few months all around town. 
My husband has been working on a project in our backyard for a long time now and it finally got completed.
When we moved into this house and started excavating the backyard, we found all these wonderful boulders.  Can you believe how many we found?  I think they are beautiful.
My husband, along with my strong teenage nephews, built this rock wall along our side fence.  One scary emergency visit and a seriously crushed finger and the wall finally got completed.  We now have lots of stories to tell and crooked fingers to show off, yikes!
A couple weekends ago, they finally got to plant my roses and finished off the flower bed with mulch.
The roses are now starting to bloom!  What I love about these knockout roses is that they are low maintenance.  They love full sun, don't need regular pruning and don't need to be sprayed regularly for bugs like most roses.  We all live such busy lives and we have to find ways to be able to have beauty around us without having to spend hours and hours maintaining that beauty!  We also live in Texas and it's WAY too hot to spend hours outdoors in the summer.
I also planted a knockout rose bush in one of my large terra cotta pots and placed sweet potato vine all around it.
I LOVE the color of sweet potato vine and it cascades so beautifully!  My angel also feels protected and sheltered!
Our next project starts this Friday with new flowerbeds in the front yard.  My neighbors are going to be happy!
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