The Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques in Grapevine

We are very fortunate to live in Grapevine close to downtown Main street where there are so many wonderful boutiques for shopping.  I've recently been hearing the buzz in the air about the Red Shed Cottage.  I decided I needed to go and check it out myself yesterday after I met with a client that has a family room that is in need of some treasures.   I met with two of the owner's and LOVED every minute of it.  They are delightful and their cottage is amazing.

While I was there taking pictures for my blog, The Dallas Morning News was there interviewing them for an article that is coming out in the HOME section towards the end of October.  Be looking for this article it should be incredible.
The Red Shed Cottage is owned by 3 friends that decided to go into business together after one of the 3 friends went through a really hard struggle with cancer.  In the picture below you can see these three beautiful, creative woman - Michele Jones, Michele McKechnie, and Valarie Jolly.
They decided together that life was too short to waist away doing something called a JOB but went forward into something they ALL enjoyed.  That something is collecting shabby French chic style antiques and decorating with a creative edge.  You all know that is MY PASSION too so I totally related to Valarie as she was telling me their story!
The Red Shed next to the cottage filled with treasures.
They purchased a wonderful property in Grapevine just west of Main Street and have filled it with treasures that would give any home a distinctive, personal style.  Their cottage is filled with old textiles, garden ornaments, furniture, eclectic accessories that they have collected, painted and transformed into items that you would have a hard time finding  anywhere else.  Their style is "cottage chic" and can be mixed in with a variety of styles.  It's always a good design when old and new items are put together.  Interior Decorators from all over Dallas Fort Worth and from out of town wait at the door to see what the cottage has.
Twin bed layered with amazing vintage accessories.
Look at all those treasures on the mantel.
I'm going back to buy this mantel for my client.
As you can see the distressed paint techniques that they use have many layers of paint and look like they are antiques.  Some definitely are antiques but many pieces are painted to look weathered and old. 
Vintage mirrors add sparkle, light and space to a room.  They can fill bare spaces handsomely.
This mirror has a great distressed elegance.
Old doors as well as wrought iron gates are often used as a piece of art on the wall.  Sometimes used for headboards or on a staircase wall to fill up the open space and add interest and character.
Vintage dressing tables always add a lot of style.
End caps from a church pew.  These would make incredible shutters on a window or flanked on each side of a mirror.
I love the look of aged, distressed paint, like the subtly colored paint finish on many of the items throughout the cottage
This jewelry is hand made and very eclectic.  I want to go back and buy the necklace with the key on it since my slogan is "The key to your decorating needs"
Stunning grouping can be created with collectibles.  Displaying your finds in this way creates incredible interest and leaves room for imagination.
Imagine the history that belongs to these old pages.
You have to make the rounds in the cottage several times because you miss items the first time.
Wall sconces serve as a practical purpose in a decorative way.  Even if you have empty frames, they can be filled with mirrors or even hung on a wall with nothing in them.  These are awesome because of their shape and distressed texture.  If you've been to my house you know I have empty frames throughout.
If you are looking for a crystal chandelier to add sparkle to your room, their Red Shed has a collection to choose from.
This would be a great way to showcase your Christmas cards or family photo's from a trip you've all taken.  The twig photo tree.
This vignette sends any decorator into a frenzy because of the character and the opportunity to dig for a good find.
Remember that outside items can be used inside to create a whimsical vignette.  Fountains, finials, urns, columns, statues, wrought iron patio chairs, etc.
I have one of these columns in my living room.
I also added an old urn and turned it into a side table.  Mixing it up is what the Red Shed Cottage is all about too!
The Red Shed Cottage has it's doors open M-F 9-5.
There is a Saturday sale, six times a year
Don't miss the first one which is on October 31!
Every year they take a Paris trip that is open to whoever wants to go.  They also run a travel agency business so these ladies know how to do a trip in style.  They have all the right connections for this trip and will take you on a  flea market Shopping Extravaganza. 
I'm hoping to be in on that in April....We're going to Spain in November and plan to go over to Paris while we are there but digging for treasures is not really my families idea of fun!  I'd love to go with a bunch of ladies that have the same passion as me!
Visit the The Red Shed Cottage you won't be disappointed!  I've added their blog to my blog roll so you can keep updated on what's going on in their cottage along with me!