Who doesn't LOVE Sunday lunch?

I have always loved Sunday lunches after church with family.  This Sunday was extra special because my Aunt and Uncle from South Africa are here visiting! 
My mom, my aunt, my sister and myself :)
One of the things I love most about Sunday lunch is setting the table.  Nothing fancy but just simple and  inviting "using what I have."  I used my every day china and crystal this time.  I found the tablecloth last year at an estate sale (thank you to my daughter who ironed it for me).  It is a beautiful cross stitch pattern that the lady's mother had made. 
I brought in the miniature roses and berries from my backyard.  I have a set of 5 little vases and they always make the table feel "simply" spectacular.
We made fajitas since my Aunt and Uncle had never had them.  Of course, they loved them.  We did have to convince them that they didn't need to eat them with their knife and fork.  Picking them up and eating them like a sandwich was totally cool here in Texas.  We had a good laugh over that. 
Several years ago, I purposely purchased a large bowl that goes in the center of my table.  The reason I love it so much is that everyone can be seated and I can have something beautiful in it without disrupting our view of each other.  
Ruthie's tip of the day
 Centerpieces are lovely but don't create one or place one in the center of the table that you have to remove once everyone is seated.  You want to be able to enjoy it while you eat.  Make it low and wide if you have to, rather than too tall.
I change what is in the bowl with the seasons.  I can't wait to put my pumpkins in it for the fall and then fill it with Christmas ornaments for the holiday season.   Of course everybody got a cloth napkin because as you know, Fajitas are not easy to eat without making a mess!
For yesterday's meal, I filled it with these blown glass balls.  I placed a loose flower amongst them because I loved that pop of interest.
It was amazing to hear about my Aunt and Uncle's adventures and ministries that they are a part of all over the world.  Very inspiring to hear how lives are being touched and hope is being planted in others hearts. My uncle has been building houses, teaching others to garden so they can eat their own crops, feeding and providing shelter for orphans, etc.  See his website here.  http://www.tendinternational.org/
After we finished the meal, I scattered the little vases around the house so we can enjoy them all week!  We all had coffee, apple pie and ice cream and chatted all afternoon.  Perfect Sunday!
Hope your Labor Day weekend was amazing.  We were blessed to have my husband's family and some great friends over for the day for burgers.
  My house was full all weekend and that is what makes my soul happy!
Thank you to my sister in law who brought me these beauties!  I have them on my desk so I can enjoy them while I work this week.
Hope your week is filled with beauty and not too much chaos.
   Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. (Colossians 3:23 NLT)
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