Tips to Personalize your Decorating

I've always loved this picture of my brother and I riding camels on the beach in Kenya. 
Once you have lived or been to Africa, it always stays with you! I have wonderful memories of doing fun, crazy things that I look back at now and think "Wow" that was awesome and I had no idea how blessed I was to get to experience such a cool childhood. 
I truly realize now and can't wait to travel more with my kids.
Anyway, I found this cool camel's saddle at an estate sale and it sits beautifully in my living room.  It has significance to me because of my memories riding camels on our holiday in Mombasa, Kenya.  It's worn and tired but it has incredible character and makes for a great conversation.
When looking for items for your home, find things that have meaning to you.  We personalize so many things these days, our Facebook page, our Google profile, our cell phone ring tone, our Instagram photo's, our laptop screen saver.  I've been thinking a lot about it and started to wonder if people really put that much energy into their personal spaces where they spend most of their time.
Do you personalize your home?
I try to collect pieces of driftwood.  I've collected them from all over and have scattered them throughout my home. 
 I love their texture and they makes me think of the simplicity of life.  Nature does that to me.  Brings me back to the basics of life.  Having a bit of nature in my home constantly reminds me to keep things simple and reminds me to enjoy all things beautiful.
Seashells and corral also makes me think of my visits to different beaches.  The beach is what makes me relax and there is something about the smell of the air that makes me feel peaceful.  I instantly feel "chilled out" when sitting on the beach and feeling the breeze.
Here are a few tips for you to help you personalize your home.
Surround yourself with things you LOVE or items that trigger memories of your travels.
Re purpose old antiques or heirlooms.  Add your special touch and style by displaying them in unique ways.
Find one of a kind artwork, rugs or accessories  that says something about who are or what you have done.
Use your own signature scent for your home. 
Throw splashes of your favorite color around.  Layer those colors with different sizes, styles and shapes.
Incorporate your heritage and place vintage and family photos on your bookshelves along with your favorite collections.
Incorporate architectural elements.  They add so much interest to any corner or wall.
Add a few interesting imported pieces of furniture.  This is also a great way to add color!
Scatter your child's artwork in different places.  They love seeing their creations on display!  Date the bottom of them so you know what year they did them.  They will want them for their home one day.
Baskets add loads of personality and interest!  Hang them on your walls for all to enjoy.  I full wall of woven beauties has just as  much impact as a full wall of mirrors because it makes a statement!
Make the first thing your guests see when they ring the doorbell have a splash of YOU.
If you haven't personalized your home, I challenge you to do so.  If you have kids, it means a lot to them too.  My girls love to see their history and memories all over our home.
Tell your story by personalizing your home today!
P.S. - I am not a good writer and my punctuation may not always be perfect.  I just love what I do and like to express it on this blog.  I'm apologizing now for anything that you see in my grammar, etc. that isn't right :)  I try, but I'm far from perfect.
Visit my website DecRenew Interiors to see my design portfolio.  I can help you personalize your home and make you "house proud" as Nate would say :)