Las Colinas High Rise Makeover

It has been an exciting week as we finished decorating a Dining Room for a "Tour of Homes" in a Las Colinas High Rise.

decrenew interiors

I created a design plan for my client where I presented all my ideas for fabrics, accessories, lighting, etc. for the space. She wanted a total transformation!!  She loved my ideas and we tweaked and adjusted and confirmed everything and immediately started the process.  Some things changed along the way but most of it turned out just as expected.

Decrenew interiors 33

We  first added a new chandelier and 2 wall sconces.  Of course,the sconce I originally proposed was on backorder so I found these for "in the meantime" and we actually think we like them better.  I just couldn't see having an "Open House" with 2 holes in the wall.  Nope, no way, not happening, are you kidding me?  We had to have a backup plan.

decrenew interiors 6

We then had the wallpaper installed and Lester did a fabulous job! The pyramid nail heads were then added to frame the wallpaper edge.  I love how it turned out and it really made the niche look finished out.

decrenew interiors 11

decrenew interiors 10

My client and her hubby found this painting Downtown Grapevine one Saturday afternoon.  The colors work beautifully with her  living room and her kitchen as well as with all the new fabrics we chose.  You will see below!

We purchased a new table and 2  gorgeous painted bamboo captain chairs for each end of the table.  The mirror was added to the other niche.  It was really tricky finding the right size for that space because of the light switches in the way.

decrenew interiors 13

 I then designed the rest of the chairs and had my workroom make them for me.  To me a custom chair is the way to go.  I got to watch the process and decide every detail.  The rounded chairs give shape to this very square room.

decrenew interiors 42

decrenew interiors 44

The front side is a faux leather so that when her grandkids come to visit, they can be wiped off.  You can see the wonderful newly painted blue wall in the background.

decrenew interiors2

They are comfy and oh so stylish.  The table extends so they can seat 8.  The chandelier came with those shades but we didn't care for the pleats they had.  My workroom reupholstered them for us and now they look perfect!


decrenew after

Because we were preparing for a Tour of Homes, we set the table beautifully for her!  We layered napkins, used table runners, placemats, chargers and then finished the napkins off with a beaded bracelet which works great as a napkin ring.

decrenew interiors 34 decrenew interiors 35 decrenew interiors 37

Decrenew interiors 7

decrenew interiors 21 decrenew interiors 19 decrenew interiors 17

decrenew interiors 29

  Arranging the flowers is always my favorite part of the install.  They can really make all the colors pop!

decrenew interiors 15

I especially loved how these flowers were so similar to the painting.

decrenew interiors 12

We had pillows made for the bamboo chairs.  Don't you love the elephants?

decrenew interiors 4

We added this GORGEOUS tall cabinet to her entry.  It is stunning!

decrenew interiors 43

 You can see why she loved the painting.  It couldn't be more perfect with her blown glass pendant lights in her kitchen.


I also made sure that all the napkins and placemats coordinate with her daily china (see above) as well.  That way she can mix and match and not have to worry about whether they go with each other.

decrenew interiors 28

The adjacent family room got some sprucing up as well.  We added bolster pillows to her chaise lounge.  It was kinda blah before.  Now it looks like it belongs in the room.

decrenew interiors 25

We painted her fireplace wall a gorgeous dark blue to make it more of a feature wall.  Her existing couch also got some new pillows to spruce it up a bit.

decrenew interiors 23

We added this fun colorful geod rug too!

decrenew interiors 30

She collects porcelain ring boxes and she has them displayed on her coffee table.  Each one has a story which is so cool.  This couple has traveled all over the world so they have some fabulous treasures.

Decrenew interiors

What a fun day it was! She was so excited and we kept hugging each other because we were so happy with how everything turned out.



Even my installer had a good time!  It takes LOTS of coordination and lots of hands to make a day like yesterday come together.  Needless to say, I slept well last night!


Hope it was a great Halloween weekend!


Yellow and Gray Family Room

 decrenew interiors 1It is always such fun to decorate a home knowing that there is something special happening with the couple!

decrenew interiors 2

They are having a baby!

decrenew interiors 6

decrenew interiors 6

Perfect time to do the finishing touches to their new home before baby arrives.

decrenew interiors 15

They already had the sectional and the rug.  My job was to add the drapes, lamps, artwork, pillows, ottoman and other misc. accessories.  We did a few touches to their kitchen and adjoining dining room as well.

decrenew interiors 13

They wanted the start of a gallery wall.  The black and white artwork can eventually be taken out and their new baby photos can be added when they are ready.

decrenew interiors 10

The custom ottoman is my absolute favorite in this space and will be a conversational piece.  Perfect for putting your feet up while watching TV.

decrenew interiors 24

It looks amazing with their new bar stools too.  We also added the pendant lights!  Wow, are those ever gorgeous!decrenew interiors 3

These ottomans are perfect under the console table because they cover up a plug that was put right in the middle of their walkway to their master.

decrenew interiors 23

I'm in love with the striped grey and white drapery panels.

Custom pillows that are to die for.

decrenew interiors 8


A yellow and gray throw pulls everything together very nicely and is perfect for getting cozy by the fireplace.

decrenew interiors 19

decrenew interiors 20

We enlarged some gorgeous photos of the couple and placed them in their niches in the entry.  First the niches were painted a dark gray so the photo's would stand out beautifully.

decrenew interiors 12

The adjoining eat in kitchen area got some finishing touches too.

decrenew interiors 14 decrenew interiors 17




decrenew interiors 10

All ready to welcome baby home!

decrenew interiors 9

Also ready for their baby shower this weekend in their newly decorated home.

decrenew interiors 4

Happy Weekend and we have cool weather!  Yippee!