Modern Style Spanish Home

IMG_7650 We recently completed decorating a home for a client that built their home several years ago.  They were tired of living in the space without the details. We came in and added accessories, lighting, rugs and some furniture to complete the home.


We had the dining room chairs upholstered in this colorful pattern outlined in the blue velvet that matches the couch.


The client had a couch that they LOVED because of comfort and quality but the style was outdated.  We had the entire couch redone and reshaped into something much more stylish with modern lines.


Custom swivel chairs with a geometric pattern, paired with a vintage style rug and round ottoman.  As you can see, the fireplace with the Spanish tile was definitely our inspiration for the colors in the room.  Don't you just love the gold ship that my client already had in their closet.



Grandma's old stool looks great with an antique embroidered pillow and newly made round ottoman.


This drum was in their entryway but I thought it looked better as a side table.  I found the pottery scattered on bookshelves and picked a few that I thought looked nice paired together.



Pillows really made the couch pop!


She still needs a grouping of artwork above the TV but she is waiting for something that really captivates her.




This home sits on a beautiful treed lot and is so peaceful and quiet. Their pool is absolutely stunning and can be seen from most of the rooms.


I'll be posting another job we finished this week soon.

Blessings to you! XOXO

Two Lion Master Bedroom Makeover

We recently finished a two day install for a client.  We decorated their dining room, kitchen, family room, entry, library and master bedroom.

We broke it up into 2 days and worked so very hard!  Over a 3 month period, I had things repurposed, reupholstered, repainted, reworked, etc.   We used the homeowners furniture mixed with old and new items.  I incorporated thrift store finds, high end custom furniture, lower end and high end accessories, custom artwork, kids artwork, antiques and many meaningful treasures the client already had.  This home now feels very "collected, not decorated" and that is my trademark. All these things mixed together makes for a FABOULOUS end result!

decrenew interiors 30

I had the second day of the professionally shot by an EXTREMLY TALENTED videographer who is putting together a video of the entire day so stay tuned.  The reveal with the clients is AWESOME!

I call this the Two Lion Home because there are two great big lion statues that greet you at the door!


In the meantime, I thought you might like to see some before and after shots of the master bedroom.

I absolutely LOVED this cove in the master bedroom when I first saw it.   When I walked into the room, I immediately thought that this could be a great feature wall.  My wheels where turning all night after that consultation.  It seems I do most of my creative thinking when I should be sleeping, Urggggg

I finally came up with this idea below and it turned out beautiful!  I could not have done it without my fabulous workroom!


DecRenew Interiors Before


New light fixture, draperies, headboard, bedding, side tables, lamps, accessories, artwork and sitting area.

Photography by T. Lamar Photography


DecRenew Interiors Master II

DecRenew Interiors Master After

This room is filled with light that a camera cannot capture.  It is so beautiful.

I found the side tables and didn't like the knobs that they came with.  We installed new knobs from and it instantly transformed them.

decrenew interiors 13

You can see the pattern of the fabric on the headboard, isn't it spectacular?

side table

The bed skirt and the draperies were custom made.

decrenew interiors 12

DecRenew Interiors 11

I found this bust and it was an ugly white and needed a makeover. Logan, one of the teenagers that is helping us, spray painted it for me and it looks perfect on the bedside table.

The client had these chairs below.  We had them reupholstered in a soft velvet.  We found some artwork done by their kids and hung them above the chairs.




decrenew interiors 37

So personal and PERFECT for a master bedroom.  The colors were perfect too!

decrenew interiors 14


I found two of these chairs at a resale store.   Really comfy, great shape and fun curves but outdated.  We reupholstered without the fringe and added swivels to them for good TV watching. Perfect now.


DecRenew Interiors Master Final

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  I'd love to hear what you think!

I'll be posting more about this home later on.

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Have a beautiful weekend in your HOME!


Las Colinas High Rise Makeover

It has been an exciting week as we finished decorating a Dining Room for a "Tour of Homes" in a Las Colinas High Rise.

decrenew interiors

I created a design plan for my client where I presented all my ideas for fabrics, accessories, lighting, etc. for the space. She wanted a total transformation!!  She loved my ideas and we tweaked and adjusted and confirmed everything and immediately started the process.  Some things changed along the way but most of it turned out just as expected.

Decrenew interiors 33

We  first added a new chandelier and 2 wall sconces.  Of course,the sconce I originally proposed was on backorder so I found these for "in the meantime" and we actually think we like them better.  I just couldn't see having an "Open House" with 2 holes in the wall.  Nope, no way, not happening, are you kidding me?  We had to have a backup plan.

decrenew interiors 6

We then had the wallpaper installed and Lester did a fabulous job! The pyramid nail heads were then added to frame the wallpaper edge.  I love how it turned out and it really made the niche look finished out.

decrenew interiors 11

decrenew interiors 10

My client and her hubby found this painting Downtown Grapevine one Saturday afternoon.  The colors work beautifully with her  living room and her kitchen as well as with all the new fabrics we chose.  You will see below!

We purchased a new table and 2  gorgeous painted bamboo captain chairs for each end of the table.  The mirror was added to the other niche.  It was really tricky finding the right size for that space because of the light switches in the way.

decrenew interiors 13

 I then designed the rest of the chairs and had my workroom make them for me.  To me a custom chair is the way to go.  I got to watch the process and decide every detail.  The rounded chairs give shape to this very square room.

decrenew interiors 42

decrenew interiors 44

The front side is a faux leather so that when her grandkids come to visit, they can be wiped off.  You can see the wonderful newly painted blue wall in the background.

decrenew interiors2

They are comfy and oh so stylish.  The table extends so they can seat 8.  The chandelier came with those shades but we didn't care for the pleats they had.  My workroom reupholstered them for us and now they look perfect!


decrenew after

Because we were preparing for a Tour of Homes, we set the table beautifully for her!  We layered napkins, used table runners, placemats, chargers and then finished the napkins off with a beaded bracelet which works great as a napkin ring.

decrenew interiors 34 decrenew interiors 35 decrenew interiors 37

Decrenew interiors 7

decrenew interiors 21 decrenew interiors 19 decrenew interiors 17

decrenew interiors 29

  Arranging the flowers is always my favorite part of the install.  They can really make all the colors pop!

decrenew interiors 15

I especially loved how these flowers were so similar to the painting.

decrenew interiors 12

We had pillows made for the bamboo chairs.  Don't you love the elephants?

decrenew interiors 4

We added this GORGEOUS tall cabinet to her entry.  It is stunning!

decrenew interiors 43

 You can see why she loved the painting.  It couldn't be more perfect with her blown glass pendant lights in her kitchen.


I also made sure that all the napkins and placemats coordinate with her daily china (see above) as well.  That way she can mix and match and not have to worry about whether they go with each other.

decrenew interiors 28

The adjacent family room got some sprucing up as well.  We added bolster pillows to her chaise lounge.  It was kinda blah before.  Now it looks like it belongs in the room.

decrenew interiors 25

We painted her fireplace wall a gorgeous dark blue to make it more of a feature wall.  Her existing couch also got some new pillows to spruce it up a bit.

decrenew interiors 23

We added this fun colorful geod rug too!

decrenew interiors 30

She collects porcelain ring boxes and she has them displayed on her coffee table.  Each one has a story which is so cool.  This couple has traveled all over the world so they have some fabulous treasures.

Decrenew interiors

What a fun day it was! She was so excited and we kept hugging each other because we were so happy with how everything turned out.



Even my installer had a good time!  It takes LOTS of coordination and lots of hands to make a day like yesterday come together.  Needless to say, I slept well last night!


Hope it was a great Halloween weekend!


Flower Mound Piano Room

Last week we finished a home in Flower Mound.  The client has lived in their home for over 5 years but has a very busy schedule and hadn't done much to her space.

DecRenew Interiors3

She wanted to turn her front formal room into a piano room where they could hang out when they entertain or hang as a family.  We transformed it into a wonderful space for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evenings with a cocktail.

decrenew interiors 17

We had the main living areas painted, added new hardwoods, new carpet and also did a full day installation with new furniture, accessories, rugs and lighting.

decrenew interiors 15






decrenew interiors 33




decrenew interiors 32

decrenew interiors 31

DecRenew Interiors 12

DecRenew Interiors3DecRenew Interiors 27DecRenew Interiors 24

 DecRenew Interiors 4DecRenew Interiors 2DecRenew Interiors 10 DecRenew Interiors 4


My client had 2 leather couches already. Due to her budget, we decided we could work around them.  We added everything else.  The leather benches were included for extra seating.

DecRenew Interiors 13

DecRenew Interiors 19

DecRenew Interiors 21 DecRenew Interiors 16 DecRenew Interiors 9

DecRenew Interiors 22

I'm working on dining room for a client for a Tour of Homes in Las Colinas.  I'll post pictures soon!

Hope you enjoy all the festivities of Halloween this weekend!

ONE by ONE - Before and After Photo's

  This furniture has all been RENEWED and is part of my "ONE by ONE Collection" and they are ready to be purchased.  All one of a kind pieces.
“Mr. and Mrs.” Chairs
$950 each +tax (40H x 19D x 25W)
This set was purchased from an adorable couple that hated to part with them.  They were super attached to the chairs but no longer needed them.
  I love that they are the same but slightly different, that’s why they are called “Mr. and Mrs.” Painted a distressed black, their new geometric fabric in black and white makes them updated, smart and stylish.
“Ikat Gem” Wing back Chairs
$1,200 each + tax (39 ½H x 30D x 28W)
I purchased this set of wing back chairs from a couple that got them for their wedding gift from their parents 40 years ago. Their children were grown and they were downsizing and no longer had space for them.
 It was extremely hard for them to part with them and brought them almost to tears.  Once I told them that I was going to “renew” them, the couple were elated and had an easier time parting with them.  Their new gem Ikat fabric makes them rich and colorful. Silver metallic legs gives them elegance.  Perfect for a family home because they hide  everything.
“Velvet Geo” Vintage Chairs
$1,599 each + tax.  (40H x 24D x 25W)
This set was purchased from a lady and her sister that lived in the country and had an incredible collection of antiques and collectibles. 
 Not such a bad before but the springs were all shot and needed to be replaced.
Freshly painted in a glossy black and reupholstered in “Robert Allen Velvet Geo” Fabric in Turquoise. There is a settee that goes with these chairs upholstered in a silver crushed animal print embossed velvet.
“Glam” Vintage Settee
$2,800 + tax (41H x 23D x 53W)
High style vintage settee transformed into a glamorous updated piece. 

 New black gloss paint finish combined with a soft pewter crushed velvet fabric. There is a set of chairs that goes with this settee that is in a different fabric if you want the set. See above.

“Out of Africa” Bergere Chair
$1,200 + tax (36 ½ H x 31W x 33 1/2D)
This animal print was chosen because of Ruthie’s roots in Africa.  Distressed black finish with luxurious leopard print fabric combined with a gorgeous coordinating medallion fabric. 
 Perfect for that reading nook or living room corner or office.  A great addition to any room that needs a touch of wild
“Medallion” Wicker Back Chairs
$850 each + tax.  (36H x 23D x 24 1/2W)
These chairs were purchased from a woman that had them in her home most of her life.  The fabric was in bad shape but the bones of the chair were in great condition.  These wicker back chairs have been freshly painted in a soft gray distressed finish. 
 Black, cream and white fabric on the seat cushion with a black, gray and white coordinating medallion fabric on the throw pillow.  Throw pillow is reversible so you can choose what fabric you would like displayed.
“Wild Raspberry” Wing Back Chair
$1,299 + tax  (42H  x 35D x 33W)
This comfortable, elegant and fun wing back chair has been transformed and is ready for your living room.  Chenille chartreuse scroll print fabric with raspberry piping coordinated with a raspberry petal medallion fabric.
Solid black painted claw foot legs.
“Mysterious Peacock” Side Chair 
$800 + tax.  (29H x 28D x 30W)
Purchased in Highland Park at an estate sale.  The owner purchased it when traveling overseas.  It was in shabby shape but had great curves.  I loved the Asian inspired flair and added a modern twist to it by painting it “peacock”.  Adding an upholstered black diamond embroidered seat cushion made it stunning and handsome. The hardware has remained untouched and adds character. Perfect for that corner you have no idea what to do with!
“Secret Garden” Bench
$400 – (19H X18D X 39W)
Top was purchased and adjusted to Ruthie’s style.  The bench was added and the cushion Velcro’s to the bench.
Dark espresso wood legs and eclectic touch makes this a one of a kind piece. Could be used as the end of your bed or would make a wonderful coffee table in a small space.
At the moment I apologize but cannot accommodate shipping.  Local pickups only.  All purchases must be paid for using Pay Pal. Once payment is confirmed, it is yours!
Visit my Website, DecRenew Interiors to see Before and After photo's to inspire you.