Fall Party Decor

This past week I helped one of my clients get her home prepared for a big party she was hosting.
I finished decorating her home about 6 months ago and she wanted me to come in again and add the special "fresh" touches that make a party feel alive. 
We added a grouping of pumpkins to her dining room table.  I love using white pumpkins in different shapes and sizes.  I especially love these above because I added a metallic finish to them.  It made them look more interesting and I'm sure made the guests curious.  The white pumpkin with the blown glass top (a drapery finial) is my absolute favorite.  I added some bard that intertwined between all the pumpkins.
My client had a beautiful crystal vase that I used.  I put the gray metallic pumpkin on top of the vase (toward the back)  and then added the fresh flowers all around it.
The gray pumpkin got a metallic finish too.  
I added small touches of fall colors throughout the house.  I added two fresh gourds to this vase,
added water and placed the flowers all around them.
In her formal living room she wanted roses like I had placed when I first finished her home 6 months ago. This time I added berries and they look fabulous with the entire room.
We placed a new rug in her little "bar" which looks fabulous with her new custom made bar chairs.
I'm still crazy about these chairs from my ONE by ONE collection.
You can see the bar in the background here.  Such a great room for hanging with friends.
Lesley and I had a blast putting together all the arrangements and preparing for this party!  The client said it was a huge success!
Afterwards I drove to Crocket, Texas with my girls to spend the weekend camping in the woods with my husband and family. The leaves were turning and it was incredibly beautiful to be surrounded by pine trees and fall foliage.
  We took our RV (the best way to camp) and it was a great time to unwind and relax, especially after an extremely busy last few months. 
I love that we had great cousin, aunts and uncle and daddy time. 
My heart is full!
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