Fall Party Decor

This past week I helped one of my clients get her home prepared for a big party she was hosting.
I finished decorating her home about 6 months ago and she wanted me to come in again and add the special "fresh" touches that make a party feel alive. 
We added a grouping of pumpkins to her dining room table.  I love using white pumpkins in different shapes and sizes.  I especially love these above because I added a metallic finish to them.  It made them look more interesting and I'm sure made the guests curious.  The white pumpkin with the blown glass top (a drapery finial) is my absolute favorite.  I added some bard that intertwined between all the pumpkins.
My client had a beautiful crystal vase that I used.  I put the gray metallic pumpkin on top of the vase (toward the back)  and then added the fresh flowers all around it.
The gray pumpkin got a metallic finish too.  
I added small touches of fall colors throughout the house.  I added two fresh gourds to this vase,
added water and placed the flowers all around them.
In her formal living room she wanted roses like I had placed when I first finished her home 6 months ago. This time I added berries and they look fabulous with the entire room.
We placed a new rug in her little "bar" which looks fabulous with her new custom made bar chairs.
I'm still crazy about these chairs from my ONE by ONE collection.
You can see the bar in the background here.  Such a great room for hanging with friends.
Lesley and I had a blast putting together all the arrangements and preparing for this party!  The client said it was a huge success!
Afterwards I drove to Crocket, Texas with my girls to spend the weekend camping in the woods with my husband and family. The leaves were turning and it was incredibly beautiful to be surrounded by pine trees and fall foliage.
  We took our RV (the best way to camp) and it was a great time to unwind and relax, especially after an extremely busy last few months. 
I love that we had great cousin, aunts and uncle and daddy time. 
My heart is full!
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Garden Party Inspirations

With the weather being so beautiful, I'm in the mood for a garden party.  When I came across this beautiful setting,  it really got my excited about entertaining outside. Isn't it gorgeous?  Oh to have a beautiful garden with colorful blooms like this....I can dream on being that I live in Texas.
Here are some other settings that I know you will love.  I'm warning you, you are going to want to plan your garden party after you see all these beauties.
Aren't the columns great?   I especially like the grapevine/wisteria growing up the columns.   Fun ethnic lanterns hanging from above.    Imagine how festive it feels at night when it is all lit up!  The mixed matched chairs add a flair of interest too.
This looks like a great place to hang with friends.  Looks like lots to upkeep but I'll be the guest!
Isn't this like a fairy tale?  Wouldn't be that comfortable but for a little while I could handle a little whimsy!  Wouldn't want to serve your guests too much wine!
(The Style File)
Perfect setting for a barbecue.   Hanging the lanterns at different heights is the way to go!
These Spanish pots are stunning on this patio.   I'm crazy about this look!  Get the table set and we are ready to start the music and fire up the grill.  Looks like this square table seats 12! 
Warm earth tone colors always make me feel at home, maybe it's because it's the colors that I grew up with in Africa.  The stone work is so complimentary to these pots and they make the perfect marriage.
What an amazing centerpiece.  You could fill each box with cookies (or whatever you want)  and send them home with your guests as a party favor.  I have to plan a party this very minute just so I can do this!!  The pink and green color combination is so much fun!  Polka dots don't just have to be for kids.
(Jessica Clair Photography)
Takes my breath away!  A round or oval table always makes such a perfect conversation circle.  Paired with these round comfy seat cushions, we have a winner for comfort and style.
Blue is a great backdrop for colorful foods.  Notice the fun silverware and vintage glassware.  The bottled drinks served up in this wrought iron flower planter is a great idea too.
Cozy little space for cocktails.  The stonework is a nice backdrop.  Add a few colorful throw pillows and a outdoor rug to this mix and it would be divine.
An intimate table setting.  Very springy.  Looks like each guest got a pair of stylish gardening gloves.
Pops of color against a green backdrop always draws your guests to the space.  This looks like it's ready for a bunch of fun woman ready to talk their heads off.  Maybe it's for a "bride to be?"
These chairs are amazing!  I love how the scrolling goes so beautifully with the pattern on the tablecloth.  Details, details, details....
(Roberts Ericson Designs)
Adding several complimentary fabrics together can make a table so interesting.  Incorporating shells, rocks, stones, bark or any other natural element adds texture and a masculine touch.  Notice how well the napkin goes with the flowers.  It's great to mix and match but the key is to pull it together somehow!
Let's get this party started!
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High Tea in honor of Kate and William's Wedding

HRH Queen Elizabeth II
and her loyal subject
command your presence
at the wedding
of her most eligible bachelor grandson
Prince William
to that usurping commoner
Hats Required, Gloves Encouraged

High Tea will be served.

How can you say no to an invitation like that?
(I found this hat but it was plain and boring all white.   I added the feathers and the black rose)
I immediately replied YES and couldn't wait to attend.   Rachel and I are both British so it makes the Royal Wedding even more fun for us.

 I caught glimpses of the Royal Wedding early yesterday morning because I just couldn't stand it.  However, I did save watching Kate walking down the isle until I arrived at the tea at 3:00.

My sister in laws with one missing :(
We were all good sports and obeyed the instructions to wear hats! 
Rachel had delicious goodies for us all!
Strawberries make everything gourmet.
All spread out on china of course.
Doilies make everything look delicious!
The tea was brewed to perfection with cream and sugar, served in grandma's china!
Aren't they a beautiful couple?  Such a romantic ceremony.
My favorite 4 things about the wedding....
#1.  The Cake

Absolutely stunning and goes beautifully with her dress.  Can you imagine being the decorator in charge? Oh, the stress.

(Designer Fiona Carns)

ETERNAL love, beauty and endurance... these are just some of the special meanings behind the lavish official wedding cake.  The eight-tier cake featured 17 different flower designs, each symbolising a particular quality.

#2.  The trees in the Abbey along with the flower arrangements. 

They made the bride and groom the focal point. Westminster Abbey is so incredibly large.  The trees made it much more intimate than I remember Charles and Diana's wedding being.

(London-based floral designer Shane Connolly)
Kate's comment is that she wanted the wedding to be English, natural, seasonal and ethical.  Perfect words to describe exactly what the wedding was.  The flowers blended into the surroundings and looked like you were in a garden.  Very natural with pops of white here and there.
Kate's bouquet is also believed to have contained stems from a myrtle planted by Queen Victoria in 1845, as well as a sprig from the myrtle used in the Queen's wedding bouquet of 1947.  Lily of the Valley suggests purity and Kate's dad a Cornwall farmer sent 60 bunches of Duchy Lily of the Valley for her flowers.
#3 The Carriage

Just like a fairy tale!  Absolutely breathtaking and just like every princess dreams of being treated.  It was just like a Disney movie.

#4 The hats

They added such color to the audience.  There were a few "lady gaga" looking hats but I think they added such interest and great conversation for those of us that were watching as each guest arrived at the Abbey.

Oh my goodness, such fun but how do they keep these on?   Wowza!
 After wearing a hat all day myself, I must say it is incredibly hard to drive with a large hat rubbing against the seat.  I stopped to pump gas and had a lot of staring and pointing going on in my direction too.   Oh and the hat hair is not very pretty afterwards.
(How do they pin these on??)
Britain, you made me proud to be British!