Fall Party Decor

This past week I helped one of my clients get her home prepared for a big party she was hosting.
I finished decorating her home about 6 months ago and she wanted me to come in again and add the special "fresh" touches that make a party feel alive. 
We added a grouping of pumpkins to her dining room table.  I love using white pumpkins in different shapes and sizes.  I especially love these above because I added a metallic finish to them.  It made them look more interesting and I'm sure made the guests curious.  The white pumpkin with the blown glass top (a drapery finial) is my absolute favorite.  I added some bard that intertwined between all the pumpkins.
My client had a beautiful crystal vase that I used.  I put the gray metallic pumpkin on top of the vase (toward the back)  and then added the fresh flowers all around it.
The gray pumpkin got a metallic finish too.  
I added small touches of fall colors throughout the house.  I added two fresh gourds to this vase,
added water and placed the flowers all around them.
In her formal living room she wanted roses like I had placed when I first finished her home 6 months ago. This time I added berries and they look fabulous with the entire room.
We placed a new rug in her little "bar" which looks fabulous with her new custom made bar chairs.
I'm still crazy about these chairs from my ONE by ONE collection.
You can see the bar in the background here.  Such a great room for hanging with friends.
Lesley and I had a blast putting together all the arrangements and preparing for this party!  The client said it was a huge success!
Afterwards I drove to Crocket, Texas with my girls to spend the weekend camping in the woods with my husband and family. The leaves were turning and it was incredibly beautiful to be surrounded by pine trees and fall foliage.
  We took our RV (the best way to camp) and it was a great time to unwind and relax, especially after an extremely busy last few months. 
I love that we had great cousin, aunts and uncle and daddy time. 
My heart is full!
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Fall Decorating 2013

Welcome Fall!  It is a "little" cooler here in Texas but still not cool enough to actually officially feel like fall.  Because I'm having foot surgery and have to be off my feet for a couple weeks, I figured I better get busy decorating for fall so we can enjoy the next few weeks.
I always dread climbing in the attic to bring everything down to decorate. This year I just rummaged through the items and chose my favorite things, making it simpler and less overwhelming.  Life around here has been a bit crazy with my husband having surgery a few weeks ago.  Trying to make things simpler this year with all "my home" decorating so I have time to spend with my family which is most important.
I placed my favorite "natural" pumpkin on top of my column in my entryway and it always makes me smile each time I walk by it.
I hung my favorite wreath on my newly painted black door!
I had all these wonderful fall colored florals that I purchased last year "on sale" at the end of the season.  I placed them around my little fur trees and it really made the front look festive and colorful. 
Mr. Scarecrow is in the front yard guarding the house instead of by the pool like last year.
He used to scare me too much while walking by at night, I decided he would be better off in the front where I don't see him regularly.
I adore white pumpkins and am still loving my black and white one that I painted last year.
I had about 3 wreaths that I no longer LOVED so I took them all apart and made this arrangement on my dining room table.  I actually like it!
I added the driftwood that we found here, there and everywhere on different camping trips we have taken.
Another 2 pumpkins on top of my fridge paired with my little lamp that I just love. 
I added a crow to Mr. Scarecrow!
I had a planter that cracked so I kept the base and it is now makes a great pumpkin stand!
These two mercury glass pumpkins are on top of my new cabinet in my kitchen.
 So if you haven't even started decorating for fall, that's okay.  Start by stepping out on your front porch and pretend you are a guest visiting your home.  Does it look clean (free of cobwebs, etc.) and fresh?  If not, give it a good makeover and add a few pumpkins or mums and you will be set.
Now I'm in the mood to make pumpkin bundt cake!
I'll be out for 2 weeks resting up my foot after surgery.  I'll be stylin' a large boot for a while!

Ruthie's 2012 Fall Decorating Favorites

Since it's the beginning of October, I thought I'd post a few of my fall favorite decorating ideas so far!
Wine glass jewelry.  Precious little pumpkins for your fall brunch or luncheon.  Find them here
Cute idea and adds color!
So clever, made out of mason jar lids!  here
Made with little yarn balls and acorn tops!  Found here
These are so adorable!  Made out of vintage chenille.  I remember I had a purple bedspread made out of this chenille! Found here
So cute for each place setting!
Wouldn't this be a cool idea with pumpkins underneath the glass instead of the flowers?  I'd be afraid the above might fall over at my dinner party.  Pumpkins might keep them from falling.
Glitter pumpkins.  Use painters tape to create the design and then spray adhesive to make the glitter stick :)
Chevron patterned pumpkins all all the rage this year.
Even for cookies!
Simple and absolutely beautiful!
Great idea so your tablecloth won't fly away!
Better Home & Garden rocked this wreath!
Check out these chocolate covered pretzels, dipped in sprinkles!  Brilliant and EASY!
Perfect for your address!
Great way to serve drinks!
Fall gift tags found here.
This is the table arrangement I made last year.  I really enjoyed the antlers and my shoe polished pumpkins.  Did you know you can use clear shoe polish to make them shine!  Makes them look like wax.
This was my centerpiece a couple years ago.  I placed a pumpkin in a large bowl and then placed a wreath around it.  Instant gorgeous!
Check out what Jennifer at "Dimples and Tangles" is doing for fall in her home here.  Love the feathers and pops of color!  You'll love it too!
My other blogger friend Jennifer, from The Magic Brush is doing amazing things with her pumpkins too.  Pop over to her blog and take a look at her talent!
Happy Fall Decorating Ya'll, I'm glad it's finally feeling like fall here in Texas!
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Real Simple Fall Touches

This year I'm going really light on my fall decor.  My month of October is really crazy this year since I'm going on a missions trip to Spain in a few weeks.  I'm taking on the philosophy of decorating "Real Simple" for fall.  It's hard for me, but I did it!
I placed my door wreath in a large bowl on my dining room table and then placed a wicker pumpkin on top of it!  It worked so I'm leaving it there!
It looks great against the green marbelized bowl!  Pops of orange and yellow makes me feel like fall is in the air even though we are still experiencing 90 degree weather here in Texas.  Come on fall, we are all decorated and ready for you!
I added a few gourds here and there.
Placed a wicker pumpkin on my Spanish chair!  Don't you love the purple fabric?
My really big pumpkin got placed on top of my column in my entry!  It's a "simple" statement and Ava my puppy loves it too!
I'm loving this!
An acorn or two here and there!  Everyone love these burnt orange moss balls!
A few touches outside to welcome guests and I'm done!  Even Aslan my Concrete Lion Statue is happy now that he has fall decor right underneath his nose.
I like "real simple" fall decor, it makes life easier but still looks great!
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