Ruthie's 2012 Fall Decorating Favorites

Since it's the beginning of October, I thought I'd post a few of my fall favorite decorating ideas so far!
Wine glass jewelry.  Precious little pumpkins for your fall brunch or luncheon.  Find them here
Cute idea and adds color!
So clever, made out of mason jar lids!  here
Made with little yarn balls and acorn tops!  Found here
These are so adorable!  Made out of vintage chenille.  I remember I had a purple bedspread made out of this chenille! Found here
So cute for each place setting!
Wouldn't this be a cool idea with pumpkins underneath the glass instead of the flowers?  I'd be afraid the above might fall over at my dinner party.  Pumpkins might keep them from falling.
Glitter pumpkins.  Use painters tape to create the design and then spray adhesive to make the glitter stick :)
Chevron patterned pumpkins all all the rage this year.
Even for cookies!
Simple and absolutely beautiful!
Great idea so your tablecloth won't fly away!
Better Home & Garden rocked this wreath!
Check out these chocolate covered pretzels, dipped in sprinkles!  Brilliant and EASY!
Perfect for your address!
Great way to serve drinks!
Fall gift tags found here.
This is the table arrangement I made last year.  I really enjoyed the antlers and my shoe polished pumpkins.  Did you know you can use clear shoe polish to make them shine!  Makes them look like wax.
This was my centerpiece a couple years ago.  I placed a pumpkin in a large bowl and then placed a wreath around it.  Instant gorgeous!
Check out what Jennifer at "Dimples and Tangles" is doing for fall in her home here.  Love the feathers and pops of color!  You'll love it too!
My other blogger friend Jennifer, from The Magic Brush is doing amazing things with her pumpkins too.  Pop over to her blog and take a look at her talent!
Happy Fall Decorating Ya'll, I'm glad it's finally feeling like fall here in Texas!
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Scarecrow Attire

I'm pulling out all the fall decor today!  I decided that my scarecrow needed to be "GROOVY" this year! 
I had everyone in the thrift store excited as this scarecrow rode around in the cart while I selected her attire!  I turned lots of heads!
It's okay for a scarecrow to be a girl right?
Enjoy your weekend! 
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Crazy and beautiful pumpkins to inspire

Here are a few ideas I thought you might like for the Fall season.  The beauty of our fall decor is that you can have it out for a few months (October & November) so it's worth doing something special.
Wow, don't you just love this pumpkin.  These are thumb tacks (nail heads).  Make yourself a template and go to town!  You could even use coffee beans here and glue gun them on.

This is the cutest thing!  If you really wanted to have some fun and be a little quirky, go at it with this fun lampshade.  Isn't the nose fabulous!
Kids would have a blast carving these.
This witch is absolutely darling.  I'm not that crazy into witches but she is lots of fun!
This is just wire curved with pliers and inserted into the pumpkin.
Cute little hair bows add the finishing touch to these boots.
This design is created with a sharpie!
Sequence is used on the below pumpkin but you could use a sharpie here too, makes the pumpkin have some fun detail.
Adding some sticks from your yard, a bit of moss, pine cones, berries, pumpkins and you have a great centerpiece or entry piece.  The beauty of all this is it lasts all the way through Thanksgiving.
Simple gold ribbon adds a soft touch.
I love simplicity like this for the kitchen counter, bar area, even for the back of the toilet..
Again, simple yet beautiful.
To do this above, just put another vase inside the big vase.  Fill the candy corn in between both vases and then add your flowers to the one you inserted.
Spray paint your pumpkins to change it up a little.  Who said you can't do this.
My girls are dying to try this!
Love adding spindles, antique urns, etc. to the arrangement to bring in some charm and character.
Very inviting if you have a front gate!
We all  have glass vases around.  Fill them with nuts, pears, acorns.
Awesome entry or back porch ideas.  It's all about the different heights of these items.  Creating different levels makes the scale look put together.  Notice how the same thing is done on the table.  Different heights make your eye notice all the details.
You can get items for the above pumpkin at any craft store in their jewelry section.  Ears could even be door handles or pulls.
These are just created by using something that makes a nice big hole.  Punch through and you have something stunning all lit up!
Always forget about artichokes and pomegranates but they add lots of color.  We all have some kind of ceramic bowl or urn you can use to put all these items in.  Add some candles and you are set.
Corn adds some great texture.

These are doilies!!  Cheap idea and oh so cute.
Okay, my creative adrenaline is bubbling.   Hope yours is too!