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All of you know that one of my favorite things to do is thrift store shop.  There are always hidden treasures that I am passionate about finding.  I so love the hunt and get all excited when I find something fabulous that I can transform, polish, renew, paint or reupholster for a client or for my own home.

When I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago at the Design Blogger's Conference, I hooked up with Cheryl from Dwell By Cheryl.  We met last year and were instantly friends.
 We have the same philosophy on life and design and I feel as if I've known her for a lifetime. 

She also loves to decorate on a budget and is passionate about providing just that to her clients.

Doesn't she do an amazing job?

 During the conference, we were both so fired up about our passions, we decided to do a couple videos in our hotel room, giving tips for our readers. She is just like me in that she has no hesitation about sharing her passion and design tips.

 This past week, Cheryl posted the video I did with Decorating tips for spring.  You can see the video by going to her website

 There is an art to finding the right things when shopping.  It takes time and talent!
Here are Cheryl's top thrift store shopping tips!
 Thank you Cheryl!

  You will be hearing more from her that's for sure!

Have a great weekend!

ONE by ONE - Before and After Photo's

  This furniture has all been RENEWED and is part of my "ONE by ONE Collection" and they are ready to be purchased.  All one of a kind pieces.
“Mr. and Mrs.” Chairs
$950 each +tax (40H x 19D x 25W)
This set was purchased from an adorable couple that hated to part with them.  They were super attached to the chairs but no longer needed them.
  I love that they are the same but slightly different, that’s why they are called “Mr. and Mrs.” Painted a distressed black, their new geometric fabric in black and white makes them updated, smart and stylish.
“Ikat Gem” Wing back Chairs
$1,200 each + tax (39 ½H x 30D x 28W)
I purchased this set of wing back chairs from a couple that got them for their wedding gift from their parents 40 years ago. Their children were grown and they were downsizing and no longer had space for them.
 It was extremely hard for them to part with them and brought them almost to tears.  Once I told them that I was going to “renew” them, the couple were elated and had an easier time parting with them.  Their new gem Ikat fabric makes them rich and colorful. Silver metallic legs gives them elegance.  Perfect for a family home because they hide  everything.
“Velvet Geo” Vintage Chairs
$1,599 each + tax.  (40H x 24D x 25W)
This set was purchased from a lady and her sister that lived in the country and had an incredible collection of antiques and collectibles. 
 Not such a bad before but the springs were all shot and needed to be replaced.
Freshly painted in a glossy black and reupholstered in “Robert Allen Velvet Geo” Fabric in Turquoise. There is a settee that goes with these chairs upholstered in a silver crushed animal print embossed velvet.
“Glam” Vintage Settee
$2,800 + tax (41H x 23D x 53W)
High style vintage settee transformed into a glamorous updated piece. 

 New black gloss paint finish combined with a soft pewter crushed velvet fabric. There is a set of chairs that goes with this settee that is in a different fabric if you want the set. See above.

“Out of Africa” Bergere Chair
$1,200 + tax (36 ½ H x 31W x 33 1/2D)
This animal print was chosen because of Ruthie’s roots in Africa.  Distressed black finish with luxurious leopard print fabric combined with a gorgeous coordinating medallion fabric. 
 Perfect for that reading nook or living room corner or office.  A great addition to any room that needs a touch of wild
“Medallion” Wicker Back Chairs
$850 each + tax.  (36H x 23D x 24 1/2W)
These chairs were purchased from a woman that had them in her home most of her life.  The fabric was in bad shape but the bones of the chair were in great condition.  These wicker back chairs have been freshly painted in a soft gray distressed finish. 
 Black, cream and white fabric on the seat cushion with a black, gray and white coordinating medallion fabric on the throw pillow.  Throw pillow is reversible so you can choose what fabric you would like displayed.
“Wild Raspberry” Wing Back Chair
$1,299 + tax  (42H  x 35D x 33W)
This comfortable, elegant and fun wing back chair has been transformed and is ready for your living room.  Chenille chartreuse scroll print fabric with raspberry piping coordinated with a raspberry petal medallion fabric.
Solid black painted claw foot legs.
“Mysterious Peacock” Side Chair 
$800 + tax.  (29H x 28D x 30W)
Purchased in Highland Park at an estate sale.  The owner purchased it when traveling overseas.  It was in shabby shape but had great curves.  I loved the Asian inspired flair and added a modern twist to it by painting it “peacock”.  Adding an upholstered black diamond embroidered seat cushion made it stunning and handsome. The hardware has remained untouched and adds character. Perfect for that corner you have no idea what to do with!
“Secret Garden” Bench
$400 – (19H X18D X 39W)
Top was purchased and adjusted to Ruthie’s style.  The bench was added and the cushion Velcro’s to the bench.
Dark espresso wood legs and eclectic touch makes this a one of a kind piece. Could be used as the end of your bed or would make a wonderful coffee table in a small space.
At the moment I apologize but cannot accommodate shipping.  Local pickups only.  All purchases must be paid for using Pay Pal. Once payment is confirmed, it is yours!
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Pinterest Inspired and "All Things New"

I had the privilege of decorating for my church's Woman's Retreat this weekend. 
"All Things New" was the theme and my job was to create the mood for all the ladies so they could prepare their hearts to be renewed and refreshed this weekend. The theme was totally up my alley since I LOVE re-purposing and making old things new and what a great way to get to know other woman in the community where I do life!
Pinterest as you know, is all the rage at the moment.  There are so many inspiring visuals out there that we can pin and that inspire us to make old things new.   Our retreat lead team thought it would be a great idea to create the decor around the whole "Pinterest" concept. I LOVED THAT IDEA.
So here goes....thought you might enjoy seeing what we did!
I found this vintage bike in Canton a couple weekends ago for $20. It was rusted and decrepit and incredibly ugly. I thought that this would be a cool large treasure to "renew" and painted it ALL pink. 
My husband and everyone around me thought I was nuts as I rolled the bike to my car.  I got lots of crazy looks that's for sure.  However, he and his brother were so supportive and loaded the rusty piece of junk (after they had to take it apart to make it fit) in the car for me and trusted that it would be adorable when it was finished.  I think it is!
We borrowed 4 old doors from a church friend that used them in their wedding for their backdrop. The doors are from their family farm.  Aren't they so cool?  They were my inspiration for the stage decor and I worked with their color scheme and rustic appeal.
The dress I found at Goodwill.  I loved the vintage lace and the soft pink color.  I added the broach to the front of the dress because I think that made it feel whimsical.  The rose branches were gold and were also found in a thrift store.  Once painted pink (by a WONDERFUL volunteer that painted until her finger hurt!) it looks so shabby chic and I loved it against the white distressed and chipped painted door.
I wanted loads of color on the stage as it was very cold and empty.  I thought that cut strips of fabric and lace tied loosely onto rope would make a lovely backdrop.  Again, many of my friends helped me by cutting each strip and tying them onto the rope (thank you ladies!!).  These beauties added so much to the stage  My drapery workroom donated all the fabric!!!  JUST WAIT you will see BEFORE and AFTERS of the entire stage at the end of this post.
Aren't they fun?  The great part is that after the retreat two of the girls took them home because they are going to re-purpose them again.   One will make them into a bed skirt for her daughters room and the other loves all things "shabby chic" and is going to make draperies for her home.  Repurposing once again!!!!!
The patina on these doors I love.
The big metal star was already on the stage so we had to work around that.
The band took most of the stage so we were limited as to what we could use.  The farm doors were narrow and wide so they made a perfect backdrop without getting too in the way of the band's instruments. 
Worship leader,  Jourdon Johnson was incredible and so talented.   Her new CD is incredible!
I found this patio set at a garage sale.  It was white before and wasn't terrible.  I just thought painting it all the colors of the fabric we hung on the back wall would make things look pulled together.  I recovered the chair cushions with fabric that was donated too.  Do you see the green vase?  That was a black and dirty mailbox that we painted green with spray paint meant for plastic.  Fun! 
Empty frames painted and distressed adds a really "funky junk" feel!
The bust was found at a thrift store as well and it makes a great jewelry holder.
I found these cute little ceramic cups and thought they made awesome cupcake holders.  Central Market makes the cutest cupcakes!  I used a mirror as a tray to give a layered look.
I purchased this gate and made it into a headboard.  I added the decorative molding piece to it (It was brown before).  Leaning up against it is a coffee table that I had made into an ottoman using an old coat.  I loved the animal print and think it's the most awesome ottoman now.  I wrapped the pillows with 2 of my belts to add some charm.  The brown  leather pillow on the right use to be a men's winter coat and I had it made into a pillow with a fun rhinestone button placed in the center.  The colorful floral pillow use to be a jacket sleeve.  Dated as a jacket but amazingly fun as a pillow.
A vintage suitcase and an old world shelf that I gold leafed makes this vignette come together.
This pillow will be part of my "ONE by ONE" collection.
I found 4 music books for a $1.00 each and decided they would be fun cut into paper chains.  I hung them along with umbrella's from the chandeliers.  They really made the room feel cozier and created a fun ambiance.  Thank you friends for all your cutting!!!!  They really made the room I thought!
With high ceilings you need large scale items.
The pink umbrella's looked so pretty with the light behind them.
Old hat boxes were recovered to look new.
The pillow here was made from an old dress.
In the foyer I added some collections too.  The mood for a retreat is set as soon as everyone walks into the registration area.  I love details and think that setting a welcoming feeling as soon as they step foot in the door is SO important, especially to woman!
My girls boots made great vases!  The picture frame in the background was made from an old dress as well.
Cute chalk boards were placed throughout the retreat center.  I loved this touch that the hospitality team did.
I hung a collection of little lampshades that I grouped together and they made a fun collection.
These cabinet doors I found at a garage sale.  They were brown and dusty and full of cobwebs.  I brought them home, painted and distressed them and added the paper to the back of them. 
The picture frames I had and printed the wording on my laser printer. Easy, easy! 
I had an old lampshade and stripped the old fabric off of it.  Added the burlap and chevron print along with some vintage postcards and it was colorful that's for sure.
This old embroidered purse became a vase!
This gum machine base was made into a table. My very talented friend decoupaged the paper to the top of it. 
I love seeing how everybody's hard work for an event like this all comes together.  So many details!  Thank you to all of you that made this happen so that the ladies could enjoy and soak in what the Lord had for them that weekend.
This little tricycle was painted green too.  It made a perfect display for the CD's Jourdon was selling. 
The little shelf use to be brown too and it was painted this wonderful blue.  I love the paper flowers made from old magazines!
I'm so blessed to have such great friends that I do life with that were at this retreat.  Having woman in your life that you can laugh with, cry with and have fun with is the biggest gift EVER.  Thank you to all my friends for your support and help in setting up this decor as well as taking it all down.  You all worked so hard and I so appreciate it!
 Hope you will find time to RENEW your soul.  It gets neglected and needs nurturing.  Make it a priority to STOP so you can be renewed.  That's what this weekend was all about.
Hope you enjoyed seeing all these old things turned into something new!
  Thank you to Lone Oak Retreat for a fabulous experience at their ranch.
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