Pulling it all together

On Wednesday I went to a client's home to help her by just moving things around a little to make it feel more like home. 
Looks a little plain. 
 I looked around her house and found some other treasures that I added to their bedside table.  Moved the lamp and photo on the wall and now it looks so much more inviting.
Tip: Sometimes if you take everything off your bedside table and change it up a bit by shopping in other rooms for items that work together. You can instantly have a new space just by "using what you have."
Cozy reading spot now.
Found some photo's that had the same look and put them together on the wall. Alone the framed photo's look just so so.  Grouping them together makes it WOW.
These were all separate and I thought they would look nice grouped together.
The mantel has great style now!
Groupings of three always look great together.
Take some of your rooms apart and start from scratch by shopping around in your house for a new look. Or just move things around a bit to enhance your space.
Here are a few of my tips:
  • Move lamps from room to room
  • Put a dining room buffet in an entry
  • Bring a statue from your garden into the house and place on a table for grandeur
  • Stack your favorite books in front of your fireplace
  • Move rugs from room to room
  • Stack beautiful towels on a chair next to your bathtub
  • Get rid of things you don't use and don't like
  • Only keep items that you LOVE.
  • Create height in a room by hanging pictures on top of each other instead of next to each other
  • Add a "character" chair to one of your rooms (show chair)
  • De clutter your bookshelves. - Add large items among the small objects to break it up a little 
  • Add one really inspiring and beautiful object to each room
  • Add luxurious textures to a room and you add instant warmth
  • Add large pieces of art to your space
  • Group all your crystal and antique candlesticks together and add to a wooden tray
  • Add an accent light to each room. 
  • Display some of your favorite china in your armoire and keep the doors open to show them off
  • Use one of your favorite mixing bowls or salad bowls to keep your fruit in on your table
  • If you want to declutter, I've found that most people have too  many family pictures in one space (unless your space allows for lots of these).  Reallocate family photos to private areas if you don't have space for them.
  • Don't forget to dust the tops of your pictures if they are hanging in your hallway
  • Get rid of fussy finials on lamps
  • Change out a lampshade - sometimes changing them out from room to room works
  • Remove a pillow or two or add a pillow or two
  • If you have heavy drapes on the windows that are outdated and you don't like them.  Remove them totally.  It's better to have none than look at ones you hate.
  • Get rid of candles that are old and dusty and replace with new ones
  • Take a risk and add a touch of leopard print
  • If you hate a lamp base, try painting it - spray paint is the best!