Industrial Farmhouse Chic Kitchen


What a fun few weeks we have had here at DecRenew Interiors by Ruthie Staalsen!


We finished up about 4 big remodels about a month ago so have been doing  some photo shoots!  Photo shoot days always involve a lot of packing, lugging, wrapping and sweating but it is always worth it!


I thought I'd post this Industrial Farmhouse kitchen first since I just love it!  We only have a few before pictures of this kitchen which makes me sad.  I met with the client for a walk thru consultation to discuss what they wanted done and how we were going to proceed.  It was a fantastic consultation with loads of brainstorming and thinking on our feet with my team.  Before I left their house they said they would let me know when they were ready to proceed with the demo.

decrenew interiors

  The next day I got a call from them saying that they were leaving on vacation that week and decided they wanted the demo to go ahead and start while they were gone.  Ok then, I love decision makers!  So refreshing!

My team got busy but we forgot to take before pictures, urggg! We did get these few!


The kitchen was incredibly un-functional and was closed off to the rest of the house.  I suggested we open it all up and create two islands.  One in center of the kitchen for their prep work, etc. and the other one where we opened up the space into the family room.

Aviary Photo_131166264343828772

They had a formal living room that they hardly ever used so opening up the space into that room made sense.

decrenew interiors 2

They had a round dining table in the kitchen area that they used daily. We made the bar area nice and big so the family can sit and do their homework while mom or dad cooks.


The family room had beams but they were off scale. We widened them and added new beams to the area where we tore down walls.


There are barstools on each side of the island as well because we all know the kitchen is where everybody hangs!


Aviary Photo_131166265680217033

The kitchen was totally gutted and we started from scratch.


The wood floors were the last thing to go in and once they were down it all came together beautifully, just like I saw it in my head during our walk thru consultation :)


I just love the handmade subway tile and the lighting we chose, it really gave the kitchen that industrial farmhouse feel. I think Jo Jo would approve, don't you?

decrenew interiors 3


Stay tuned for more before and after from some of our other remodels!

Asian Inspired Office with a Texas Twist

decrenew interiors

I always love decorating office spaces.  The accessorizing is what makes an office feel inviting! There is no reason an office needs to feel stuffy and stale.  Your spaces create a mood and can instantly make a client feel at ease which equals profits for you in the long run.




My client had all the furniture pieces but needed me to add the detail.  They wanted an Asian influence with a Texas flair.  The main problem here is the scale of the couch.  It seems small for the room.  I knew we could make it work with whatever we put above the couch.


full room

My inspiration for the entire room was this vintage oriental rug that I found.  If you follow me regularly, you will see that I like to add an international flair to my designs. This project was perfect for me because of that.

Ruthie Tip:  Never under estimate the power of pillows.


The large antique blue and white ginger jars added such charm to the room.  I wanted the flannel plaid on the leather couch to create a masculine feel.

The white cow rug is the twist of Texas!

The floor lamp is really nice in an office for evening working. Also, creates height in the space and makes everything come together nicely.


Pops of green on the coffee table as well as the fig tree makes the space feel alive.


I always love how fig trees look. They are so lush and green. I put this one in a basket which is a bit of a Texas flair and adds interest and texture vs. a typical planter.


Two gold bamboo pagoda lamps really added a fun flair to the console table.


Yellow florals pop against the black console table and definitely add an Asian flair.


The reception area is very welcoming now with the blue and white pottery and the striking florals.


 The artwork was custom made by "Divine Inspirations" and I love it!  So colorful and striking when you walk in.

I'm busy working on some design plans and will be posting pictures as soon as those jobs are finished.  We finished up 3 kitchens this week so photo shoots will be happening sometime soon too.

Traditional Home Rising Stars of Design



Traditional Home Magazine is looking for the next Designer Rising Stars. I have always LOVED reading each of the winners bio's and so admired their work.

This year I have been nominated, alongside many of my Designer friends, for this amazing honor.  I would so appreciate your support.








I would so appreciate your vote!


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Colleyville Townhome Master Bedroom


This holiday season seems to be the time for master bedroom makeovers.  We have been so busy here at DecRenew Interiors but loving it!

We finished this bedroom a few weeks ago for my client that just moved into a townhome.  We finished her family room a few months ago and she called me back to do her master bedroom.  She wanted it to be simple but beautiful.



All she had in the room was a mattress and a dresser.  Everything else, we provided.


decrenew interiors2


The button details on the pillows are my fav.  The blown glass lamps totally rocked the room!

decrenew interiors4

The gray velvet pillow looked a little boring so I added a vintage broach I found at an antique show.


So inviting don't you think?

My team and I spent half a day at her house hanging things and getting it all ready while she was at work.  She couldn't get off in time for us to reveal it to her.  However, she called me when she got home just balling her eyes out because she was so happy that I did exactly what she was wanting. Made my day as you can imagine!  I really try to listen to my clients and make sure I understand what they are wanting.


I'll be posting another home soon where we used what the client had to make her remodeled home shine!

Stay tuned.