Grapevine Master Bedroom Makeover

What a priviledge it is to make over a master bedroom for a client.  This room is always the biggest treat to me. It is usually the one place in the house that is neglected but is the one place we spend the most time.  When couples decide to take the leap to create a haven for their master, I'm all on board because it is an investment in their marriage.



The client was going through a master bathroom remodel so this is not a fair before pictures since they were living in chaos (after photos of bathroom coming soon).

The client has been married 19 years and needed a refresh.  They celebrated their anniversary this month and so I got the priviledge of giving them this makeover in time to celebrate.

Their main problem with their bedroom was that everything matched.  Their furniture and their bedding all came in a set. I like to break things up so it looks more interesting and collected, rather than all the same.


Big difference don't you think?  See how much more interesting it is with less "matchy matchy"?

The embroidered pillow was my inspiration for the room and it grew from there.

We knew we wanted a light headboard to brighten up the room, so a dark navy wall was the perfect solution to make the headboard stand out.  The rest of the room was painted a soft gray.  I found a design for the headboard that the client liked and my workroom did an amazing job creating it for us.


Can we just take a moment and stare at the rug!  It's perfect for their dog  because it hides any shedding that will take place.  The client also wanted storage for blankets, etc. so that is what she got!

The side tables were chosen because they are just gorgeous and then I found the euro shams. I love how they compliment each other so well. The client purchased the dressers.

The soft yellow lamps work beautifully with the rug.

A coverlet is always perfect for any bed because it isn't too hot.  I like to place a duvet at the bottom of the bed in case they need extra warmth at night.  I know I need extra blankets because my hubby freezes our room when we sleep.

Her side got a touch of floral and bling.  Notice the cording on the custom made headboard, we needed that touch of dark animal print to work with the side tables and euro shams. These details are what keep me up at night and that is why you hire an interior designer because most people don't think about all these details.  However, they are what make the entire design come together so beautifully.

His side of the bed got a succulent and a petrified wood bowl.

To marry the colors together, I used a blown glass lamp, a glass rock and some gorgeous florals on top of their tall chest of drawers.

The artwork is glorious! It has the perfect amount of blue, a touch of yellow and the glow it projects is so beautiful.  Notice how the accessories all bring out the colors from the embroidered pillow.

You see, details are IMPORTANT!


(Beginning of install day)


(End of the install day)

It takes a village on install day, but it all comes together nicely.

Hope this inspires you to do some decorating in your master bedroom.

Ruthie tip:  When our girls were younger, we purposely made our master bedroom a place we could escape to. It has been our refuge and haven to restore our souls. We have spent hours sitting in our wingback chairs chatting about life, relationships and creating memories. When entertaining teens, we had to have a place we could go to so they felt like they could have the house to enjoy with their friends without their parents hovering.  Don't forget about your master bedroom, it is an ingredient to sanity with teens and a contribution to a healthy marriage.  Totally worth the investment, I promise.


Colleyville Townhome Master Bedroom


This holiday season seems to be the time for master bedroom makeovers.  We have been so busy here at DecRenew Interiors but loving it!

We finished this bedroom a few weeks ago for my client that just moved into a townhome.  We finished her family room a few months ago and she called me back to do her master bedroom.  She wanted it to be simple but beautiful.



All she had in the room was a mattress and a dresser.  Everything else, we provided.


decrenew interiors2


The button details on the pillows are my fav.  The blown glass lamps totally rocked the room!

decrenew interiors4

The gray velvet pillow looked a little boring so I added a vintage broach I found at an antique show.


So inviting don't you think?

My team and I spent half a day at her house hanging things and getting it all ready while she was at work.  She couldn't get off in time for us to reveal it to her.  However, she called me when she got home just balling her eyes out because she was so happy that I did exactly what she was wanting. Made my day as you can imagine!  I really try to listen to my clients and make sure I understand what they are wanting.


I'll be posting another home soon where we used what the client had to make her remodeled home shine!

Stay tuned.

Grapevine Master Bedroom Makeover


We completed a master bedroom for a client right before Thanksgiving.  They are recently empty nesters and are slowly starting to redecorate and remodel their home.

BEFORE (on day of install)


I got the privilege of assisting them, oh what a joy it was!

They decided to start with their master bedroom so it could be ready for the holiday season.


decrenew interiors

They had the bed already.  We added new bedding, side tables, lamps, artwork, accessories and draperies.

decrenew interiors 2

As you know, I love to use items the client already has.  I shopped their home for treasures and added them to the items I purchased to give it a "collected" feel.


These pillows!!  Love the textures and variety of patterns. It is always amazing to me how a room comes together.  I started with an inspiration fabric (the draperies - see below) and go from there!  Layering textures on a bed is so luxurious and really makes a statement.  I do think that too many pillows can be overdone.


For a king size bed, I usually use two king pillow shams or 3 euro shams.  For this room, I decided to use 2 king shams because I didn't want to cover up the tufting detail on the bed.  I then added three throw pillows.


Side tables with drawers are a must in a master bedroom. The lamps look so amazing with the dots on the pillows.  Subtle repetition of detail.

decrenew interiors 23

The artwork I found is PERFECT with all the colors and has just enough gold to work well with the pillows.


The draperies were hard to photograph because of the light.  You can see the colors well in the above photo.

Such a great project for a fun couple!


Her grandma's rocking chair even got a makeover.

The joy the client receives. on the day of the installation, has no comparison to the joy and blessing that I receive in being able to make yet another home beautiful!  Connecting Life and Home is such a pleasure.

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season so far.


I've started some of my decorating, at least the mantel is done and the stockings are hung!  I am purposely doing simple décor this Christmas.  I'd rather spend more time with my family than stressing about making it all perfect.  Plus, I have to put it all away in a month!  Simple can be beautiful too!

Two Lion Master Bedroom Makeover

We recently finished a two day install for a client.  We decorated their dining room, kitchen, family room, entry, library and master bedroom.

We broke it up into 2 days and worked so very hard!  Over a 3 month period, I had things repurposed, reupholstered, repainted, reworked, etc.   We used the homeowners furniture mixed with old and new items.  I incorporated thrift store finds, high end custom furniture, lower end and high end accessories, custom artwork, kids artwork, antiques and many meaningful treasures the client already had.  This home now feels very "collected, not decorated" and that is my trademark. All these things mixed together makes for a FABOULOUS end result!

decrenew interiors 30

I had the second day of the professionally shot by an EXTREMLY TALENTED videographer who is putting together a video of the entire day so stay tuned.  The reveal with the clients is AWESOME!

I call this the Two Lion Home because there are two great big lion statues that greet you at the door!


In the meantime, I thought you might like to see some before and after shots of the master bedroom.

I absolutely LOVED this cove in the master bedroom when I first saw it.   When I walked into the room, I immediately thought that this could be a great feature wall.  My wheels where turning all night after that consultation.  It seems I do most of my creative thinking when I should be sleeping, Urggggg

I finally came up with this idea below and it turned out beautiful!  I could not have done it without my fabulous workroom!


DecRenew Interiors Before


New light fixture, draperies, headboard, bedding, side tables, lamps, accessories, artwork and sitting area.

Photography by T. Lamar Photography


DecRenew Interiors Master II

DecRenew Interiors Master After

This room is filled with light that a camera cannot capture.  It is so beautiful.

I found the side tables and didn't like the knobs that they came with.  We installed new knobs from and it instantly transformed them.

decrenew interiors 13

You can see the pattern of the fabric on the headboard, isn't it spectacular?

side table

The bed skirt and the draperies were custom made.

decrenew interiors 12

DecRenew Interiors 11

I found this bust and it was an ugly white and needed a makeover. Logan, one of the teenagers that is helping us, spray painted it for me and it looks perfect on the bedside table.

The client had these chairs below.  We had them reupholstered in a soft velvet.  We found some artwork done by their kids and hung them above the chairs.




decrenew interiors 37

So personal and PERFECT for a master bedroom.  The colors were perfect too!

decrenew interiors 14


I found two of these chairs at a resale store.   Really comfy, great shape and fun curves but outdated.  We reupholstered without the fringe and added swivels to them for good TV watching. Perfect now.


DecRenew Interiors Master Final

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  I'd love to hear what you think!

I'll be posting more about this home later on.

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Have a beautiful weekend in your HOME!